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Thread: my grandmom asked this

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    Default my grandmom asked this

    I was sitting on her bed talking to her and outta know where she asked me if i was wearing a diaper that shocked me i was not at the time anyone else have something similar happen to them?

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    no no one has asked me that. not to be rude but what was your response ? and were you ?

    grandmas are smart people and can read people like a book in large print well mine use to any ways ?

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    i was in my grandmoms room talking to her and my response was no and the subject was dropped after that

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    My gran was staying over once....had to give up my bed anyways, I slept in another room in a sleeping bag (fully diapered, thought it was a good idea) well she asked me next morning if I usually sleepwalk. Holy about a heart stopping comment. I just know she saw, but nothing was ever mentioned. I try to convince myself that she wouldn't have noticed, but seriously doubt it. Well can't ask her that now

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    ha ya grandmas are pretty nice people LOL they ususaly dont bring up to touch of subjects zackie u never did awnser but were u in a diaper at the time of her asking ? im assuming she knows something that you didnt think she knew. wouldnt supprise me

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    I've had my dad walk in on me while I was on the couch in a Cushie and my leopard pajamas while i was playing on adisc. mind you its 11pm and I live alone. I heard him come in through the back door and made it to my room with my laptop before he saw me. good thing i was wearing the diaper cuz I about shit myself when I heard the keypad lock activate. After doing the Clark Kent in a phonebooth thing, I asked him why he was at my house at 11pm and hadn't called me to let me know to expect him. Turns out he had to work late and my house is in the same town that he works in, and he didn't want to drive the 2 hours home, and then have to be back in the morning. I told him he needs to call me before visiting as I about had a heart attack when I heard the door open.

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    You poor dude, having had a few close calls like that I totally empathise with you.

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    reminds me of the time when i was sitting in my house my dad has texted me 2 times and was sitting in the nude at my computer with all windows closed (its wat i do )
    he comes walking in. this my sir was the most awkward moment. lucky i always have a blanket at my chair to cuddle with and i used it to cover my parts. i garentee he saw stuff. at this time i wish i was wearing a diaper at this point. i rather him see me in a wet diaper then nude. i am shy when it comes to being in the nude in front of people :\

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    I told her i was not wearing one and i wear them at night for bedwetting she does not like the fact that i wear them but i help out with rent so im entitled to my privacy

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    Quote Originally Posted by zackiepooh1992 View Post
    I told her i was not wearing one and i wear them at night for bedwetting she does not like the fact that i wear them but i help out with rent so im entitled to my privacy
    ahh that makes total sense

    i under stand where she is coming from and same with you

    its a bit awkward my dad has this feeling that a i wear diapers 24/7 and thinks when ever im at his house in athletic shorts and jogging pants he thinks im wearing a diaper. but in reality i hate jeans there to constricting of the body movement. altho they do indeed make a great way to hide a skinny diaper (i dont buy these kind of diapers any more).

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