Who am I? I'm a currently unemployed young adult, rushing to get my life on some semblance of a track (Trying to learn how to drive, buy a car, find a job).
I'm someone who strives to maintain a rational view on all subjects, and strives to recognize when he has failed at the attempt (I sound a bit full of myself there don't I? ).
I also possess what some/many may find to be an absurd/surreal sense of humor, though often it is only me who finds the things I say amusing.

I'm mostly a DL with slight/mixed AB tendencies. I've been interested in diapers for as long as I can remember, and have only just been able to truly explore this side of me (I am currently wearing only my second ever adult sized diaper).

My interests include:
1. A heavy interest in programming, my preferred language being the Lua programming language.
2. A moderate/beginning interest in generated art (music, image, and video)
3. A long time interest in creating music videos, though just a beginning interest in attempting to create them (currently waiting on the re-release of the Polycode project)
4. a moderate interest in game design/creation (I've participated in a few Ludum Dares with mixed results)
5. A very broad interest in all sorts of music, but leaning very heavily towards: post rock, ambient, glitch, electronic.
6. Various TV shows, most within the science fiction genre (Doctor Who, Fringe, Stargate, Star Trek: TNG) but also including a mix of other genres/shows, Breaking Bad for instance
7. Absurd/surreal/unusual works of art, particularly architecture.
8. Many other misc. interests.

I'm not sure what exactly I'm expecting out of adisc.org, outside of the usual: wanting to discuss my interests with like-minded people, meeting new people, etc.