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    I have just received a pack of these diapers today and am currently wearing one but I felt I should post my initial opinions of these diapers.

    I've never worn cloth-backed diapers before so I wasn't sure what to expect but I think they feel really nice and I can see myself wearing these for longer periods of time than plastic backed diapers.

    I'm currently wearing one with a Lille Maxi booster pad so I can't test the absorbency that accurately but I can tell it will hold easily more than 2 floods and feeling inside there is no wetness to the touch so it draws moisture away quite nicely.

    I intend to wear these overnight so I'll update you in the morning about how they hold up

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    Honestly, the Abena cloth backed are pretty good. They just have that "Seeping" effect, like all cloth backed diapers do. That, and they tend to be more sensitive to outside temperature, so if you sleep wet in one, you'll def. wake up with a cold diaper...

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    My initial reaction was disappointment but I'm actually warming to the cloth backed Abenas, in some ways there better then the old plastic backed ones, I like the fact that they don't make a noise when walking and they make me feel wet but overhall I miss the plastic ones.

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    They arn't too good in my opinion. They lack the rear waistband elastic, the tapes slip, they wick moisture, get cold in the night and I often wake up in a wet bed with the diaper bunched up around my knees.

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    I always reinforce cloth back diapers with Plastic pants. Even if I do not soak the plastic pants tend to be damp.

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