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    Um Hello,

    So yeah... um...

    I am 23, or just 3... yeah 3 is good. Um... I have a degree in art, and I love my paci and eeyore Pillow Pet more than anything. Um... yeah I tend to be shy and don't know how to initiate conversations with people... Okay, well um... I hope I did good... um so yeah Hi!

    oh I should also add... I am also a puppy, but no worries I don't normally bite... ok that is a lie I do bite, but I am a puppy you can't blame me... no training!
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    Hi, welcome to adisc!
    What kind of art do you do? And what do you do in your free time etc? Hope you'll like it around here. I love Eeyore, got a few Eeyore plushies myself.

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    um... I like painting and drawing and printmaking... so mostly 2D stuff. and in my spare time I like to watch movies and I love rollar coasters and such! which is cool cause I just finished working for the Disney College program at the beginning of the year... so I got to spend 8 months working for Mickey!

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    working for Mickey, that sounds cool! I can't draw to save my life but do appreciate art, all kinds. I too enjoy roller coasters, but alas, there are none nearby . Hope you have fun here!

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    yeah it was cool! and there are no roller coasters near me now either...
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    Hi there

    I love art, I took art as a GCSE, then went on to do a BTEC in Graphic Design at college, but I had to leave the course very early on, as my Parents couldn't afford to keep giving me money for materials.

    I still dabble in arty stuff when I am in the mood to, I stick with 2 dimensional things too, although in my jewellery and card making, things become 3dimdnsional, I have also started dabbling in fimo modelling clay, making little items as jewellery and keyrings etc.

    I love Eeyore, he is really cute, even though he is manically depressed.

    Thankfully puppy teeth are not quite as sharp as adult dog teeth.

    Welcome to the forum, and I am sure that you will get on really well.

    CV x

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