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Thread: Mr. Bean

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    Default Mr. Bean

    I like the Mr. Bean shows this is one of my favorites. Mr Bean - Sandwich making -- Mr Bean - Stulle schmieren - YouTube

    Does anyone else like Mr. Bean? Do you have a favorite scene?

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    Mr Bean is a classic. It's one of those rare shows that can move you to tears or make you burst out laughing without the characters saying a word. It's incredibly clean, simple and sometimes brutally direct comedy. It's brilliantly done and, if you've not guessed, I'm a fan

    I think part of why it particularly appeals to me is that Rowan Atkinson (who plays Mr Bean for those who don't know) described the character as "a child in a grown man's body". This shows throw in many episodes and gives me something I can very much identify with.

    I don't have a favourite scene as such, but all the little bits where he does something for his Teddy just melt my heart. He hangs up christmas stockings for it, reads to it and tries not to wake it up in the morning. The relationship is fantastically shown and it's just epically sweet.

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    Default Re: Mr. Bean

    My most memorable Mr. Bean moment was the beach skit. When he wanted to change his trunks with no privacy around. I cried laughing.

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    I loved his shows. I always thought he was dumb but he was funny and very clever.

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    The Mr Bean sketch at the Olympics was genius and a perfect example of British comedy.

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    Gosh...I think a better question would be "Does anyone NOT like Mr. Bean?" Of course, there'd be no respondents retrospect, I guess that wouldn't be such a great question after all

    I adore Mr. Bean and Teddy.

    I think one of my favourite scenes/shows would be the one where he is caring for a baby...and he doesn't have any clean he pulls apart a teddy bear (okay that part is a bit traumatic...especially for the bear) and plops the baby in that. Too funny!!!

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    He's a weird chap that Mr. Bean. It's even weirder when you pass Rowan Atkinson in the street at least twice a year. I have never met someone with quite an ability to show their facial expressions in such an wonderfully over the top manner as he does.

    As you might have gathered he lives in a similar location to me o.o.

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    There have been students at my school who have called me Mr. Bean, and even my own kids said dad looks like Mr. Bean. We used to watch his show all the time. I'm sort of crazy like Mr. Bean, so I guess that's where my kids got the idea, that and looks.

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    I enjoy the Mr. Bean movies. These movies also remind me of the Jacques Tati movies, such as "Mon Oncle", Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot", and "Jour de Fetes", just to name a few of them. The character closest to Mr. Bean is Tati's Monsieur Hulot who is somewhat awkward and clumsy. Tati's M. Hulot also appreared in "Mon Oncle" and a few other films. I thought these film were very funny and I recommend them to anyone who enjoys good comedy. If you understand French you will get a better enjoyment of films in their original language.

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