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    So I guess I should. I'm a 20 year old, straight male college student from the southern part of the United States whose just looking to understand more about this weird, yet guilty pleasure I have wanted to indulge in since I could remember. I finally bought my first pack of adult diapers about 3 weeks ago and it was exhilarating. Just honestly looking for answers more along the lines of "what is it like to BE an ab/dl?" Dating? Career? Hobbies? Outlooks on life? I'm a very social guy whose held down jobs that entail lots of social interactions with random strangers, I love sports, have religious beliefs, read the WSJ quite a bit, but I guess the more I become involved in this community, the more you'll get to know about me.

    All in all, my long term hope is the same as the homosexual community; the more society understands that this is something I have always felt, the more it will be accepted into it. Though I understand not necessarily wanting to embrace it fully, respecting it is all I ask. Chat me if you want to talk.

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    Hi, biofan, and welcome. As a "people person" you will fit in well in this forum. Your story is similar to mine in that, I too tried diapers for the first time when I was 20, though I had fantasized about it since I was a kid. If you an search for my post "diapers as souvenir", you can get a better idea of my outlook on the whole AB/DL thing. In short, I try not to obsess too much about the "object" of diapers, but rather all the wonderful feelings and memories associated with them. I think it is worth noting that actual children hardly notice or care about their diapers. Childhood isn't about the diapers - diapers are merely associated with it.

    Hope you can use my philosophy.

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