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Thread: Cloth AIO Diaper Tote Bag Q's

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    Default Cloth AIO Diaper Tote Bag Q's

    Recently I switched over to Cloth AIO's and I have enjoyed them so far.
    I do have a question I was wondering if the community can help answer:

    What kind of tote bags or pails do you use for adult diapers?

    I looked online and all I ended up finding were baby ones, and they looked like it may hold 4 or 5 AIO cloth diapers. Maybe the baby sizes are big enough? I want to wash 4 to 5 at once, but AIO diapers are pretty big, and the bags looked small.

    Also, these bags are obviously water proof, but I imagine you gotta wash them from time to time too, so how often, and how do you wash these? Just throw them in with the diapers?

    After wash I like to just air dry them so I'll probably buy two of these bags and just throw them in a clean one.

    If anyone has some knowledge, I'd appreciate if you could educate me.

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    I have a set of cloth AIO diapers I ordered from an etsy store that are awesome, I have learned a few things with them, You will want to get a bottle of Bacout by biokleen to spray them with before putting them in your pail. I do dry pail myself because its a bit easier, The liners I use are from Planet Wise and they hold about four overnight thickness diapers. (I have a 32in waist and they dont have a very high waist band)

    As for tote bags I am not sure, the Dadbags I have seen seem rather stylish and dont scream diaper bag.

    Cleaning tip, when washing your load of diapers it seems best to have your washer fill with warm water, then stop it on this and let them soak in the warm water with some added baking soda, let them soak like that and wash them once with no detergent then wash again with specialty detergent. I recommend Rockin green, its great.

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    Yes, though it seems where I saw them sold through originally had the name off, or perhaps it was changed Dad gear Messenger-Bags

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    Even better! I can ride around with a diaper bag strapped to me. How fitting

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