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Thread: How do you explain large boxes of diapers being delivered?

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    Default How do you explain large boxes of diapers being delivered?

    I live in a supported living complex which consists basically of four people sharing a house together with various mental health conditions, There are always people around especially staff who support us. I can't get to my bedroom upstairs without walking past the kitchen where the staff always tend to sit and chat so it makes it difficult getting large packages delivered, the other day I had a large box of Abena supers delivered I had to be sharp my reply and say it was none of anybodies business what I buy. I do I explain away large boxes of nappies?

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    Under normal circumstances I'd just go with "How is it your business?" but in this situation it seems like the staff could take it upon themselves to have a nosey look around.

    I have a lot of experiences with senders shipping very small items in larger boxes. I ordered duct tape a few weeks back and the box it came in was larger than my monitor :P You could always say you ordered something smaller and they sent it in a large box? I just usually say cables or games because I'm always experimenting with one or the other :P

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    When I've got a case of Dry24/7's in. The box is fairly good size. With 4 packs inside it weighs 37 lbs. It'a personal came from my parents.

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    I think I would have given a calmer reply and just said that it was just some personal supplies. The goal is to diffuse snoopy staff members.

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    One the pagage were delivered at my neighbour house. He was courious what was in the box. None of his buissness i told.

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    When I lived with roommates I have order small boxes. But no one ask what was in the box. We had our own bedrooms and we made a rule that no enters unless gets permission first. We were all happy with this rule because of privacy which we like. But I at that time I had always keeped my diapers locked up in a file cabinet. You can say it your personal items too.

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    I have responded with "Items of a personal nature" it diffuses the issue and eliminates curiosity.

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    I think "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!" isn't a smart way to reply to that. Yes the question may have been mildly rude, but the response takes it up a notch. If you reply like that when a group of busybodies is in sight it'll only make things worse. "I wonder what was in that box? What's he hiding?" will be the main topic at their table for the next 20 minutes. And I thought that's what you were trying to avoid?

    Fortunately for me, I order a LOT of stuff online, and from time to time the non-diapers are in big boxes. I've ordered a memory foam topper for my bed, flat screen computer monitors, in among the usually 2 packages I get per week. (though the majority fit in the mailbox) So when my neighbor mentions that big box that was left by my door today I just say "oh just something I got online. I get a lot of things online." and then the topic changes to "all the different sorts of things I get online" and I go through some of my recent purchases, and the large package is quickly forgotten about. If they start to come back to the largeness of the package you got, remember, large boxes can contain lots of easier to explain items, go that route instead of trying to think up a single large item that fits that shape. If you buy clothing online and get several articles, they'll send it in a bigger box.

    At the start of the year I did a major restock. Four cases arrived over two days. I don't think anyone actually noticed them, one set arrived just as I was about to pull out of my drive for work so those didn't linger at my door. (never had anything stolen either, thankfully) The UPS and FedEx drivers have both commented that I get a lot of packages.

    But then look at last night. I ordered a refurb mac pro on ebay. That'll come in a box easily on par with a case of diapers. (and about 2x as heavy...) I suppose that's not a bad excuse, repairing/upgrading a computer for a friend. ("and NO, I don't do requests, please don't ask")

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    I just say it has a rat in it and they better stay away and not open it :P

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