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Thread: Cleaning up after messing

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    Default Cleaning up after messing

    Hi everyone,

    I've never messed a diaper before but this weekend I will have the chance to be alone with my diapers so I thought about trying messing.

    However, I have no idea how to clean up after? Do you go straight from diaper to shower or is there a middle step?

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    Default Re: Cleaning up after messing

    I try to clean up with a bit of paper, get the bulk of it off, then hop I'm the shower.

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    Normally get the worst off with a few wet-wipes then just hop in the shower.

    It's either that or use half a pack of wipes to get clean and even then, really do still feel like I need a shower.

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    Same here (though I'm not a fan of messing and prefer the marshmallow trick), unless you own a fancy bidet toilet, go for the shower. Plus, after a nice hot shower, you can't go wrong with a fresh diaper and footie pajamas (if you have them).
    I like to hang my pajamas on the towel rack over the heat duct during my showers so they are nice and warm when I put them on afterwards.

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    i also take a shower so i can 100% clean an then jump in a new fresh diaper sooooo nice...

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    I usually clean what I can with thei clean part of the diaper, then hit the shower! mind you I'm not a huge messing fan

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    i mess every now and then but am assisted by a lovely enema :0 i find it a bit more well its hard to explain its just one of my kinky sides of me and combined with wearing a diaper i enjoy the entire experiance so be it i hate cleaning up after it. i usualy take the diaper of while standing in the tub to prevent any of the contents from reaching any part of my house that isnt in the diaper :\ its just one of the few things to help prevent messes if i have solid chunks sticking be sure to get them in the diaper or dispose of them via toilet if at all possible if you have to use the shower to get them off be sure all of it goes down the drain and none is left behind :\. but is not the best idea cause it can be a hassle :\. be sure to wash your self front and back at least 2 times it does help to remove the stink from your body ecpspecially when you poo :\. this is just personal experiance as my dad hates it when he gets a hint of odor. so i have followed this and it seems to work for me (i dont live with my dad but i do visit him a lot and never wear diapers around him as i respect him)

    hopefully this helps you

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    Just like others have said...get the bulk of the mess off with the diaper and wipes, then hit the shower. It's really the only way to get totally clean. I usually mess only when I know I'm going to need a shower anyway.

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    When I cleanup mess I tend to take my diaper off and put on an old pair of underwear that I use for messing if I don't want to go diapered, move to the shower and just shower from there + clean the underwear. I find it relatively easy and pain free. I have no problem showering to clean mess although I know some people find it uncomfortable, being at one with the poop :P


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    Humph... cleaning freaks! :P this pup has had it's hair removed down there, 4 to 8 wipes, fresh powder and fresh diaper for me usually!

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