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Thread: Story of me ordering diapers

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    Default Story of me ordering diapers

    so i live in a apartment and the guy to deliver them failed 2 times in a row LOL
    lucky for me i had to sign for the package funny part is that the guy delivers from another state so he was already almost 1 hour out of my town before he relized he went to the rong house LAWL so now he is headed back hopefully he doesnt mess up again and give it to my neighbors :\

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    Yeah, I had something like that happen, but after the first failed delivery, I told them to hold it at a store and I picked up the package from there

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    I've never had that problem. *knock on wood* but I've had a box of Cushies come a day early...... that was interesting, knowing ABU's notoriously slow shipping.

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    I had that problem too. If the gate is closed Fedex would not deliver until the gate is open or try again another day. UPS they deliver even when the gate is close. They leave the package by the gate. US Postal Service will deliver only if the gate is open if not they leave a nice orange slip in my mail box to pickup at the Post Office. Ontrac will call before delivery which is nice so I can leave the gate open.

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