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Thread: Hiiiiiiiiizzzz!!!!

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    Default Hiiiiiiiiizzzz!!!!

    Hey im daisuke-chan!!!!!! I am a gay DL and have been adl scene i was 12 and gay scene i was 14!!!! im currently wareing a Huggies XL Pull Up and its wet!!!

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    Welcome to our community I hope you enjoy it more.

    Also please read over the forum rules.

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    As much as we're a diaper community, it's generally advisable to give some information about yourself (where are you from? what do you enjoy, besides diapers? where do you work / go to school?). And do you think you could work a little harder on your use of grammar and capitalization in your posts? You don't have to make it look great or anything (hell, I'm the wiki editor, using proper punctuation and grammar is my job ) but at least put some effort into it... kthx.

    That out of the way, welcome to the boards

    What a fun 300th post. ^_^


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