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Thread: Perk of being single on Valentines day

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    Default Perk of being single on Valentines day

    It is always better to have that special someone on this day, but if you are single enjoy some of the perks. Example, yesterday I bought a beautiful dress and the cutest plushie and not a single person questioned my motives.

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    i wish i had someone but being single is a blessing we take for granted sometimes. i bought the cutest footie pjs and a cheetah plush not even my roommates questioned my purchases.

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    Being single does have its perks. You can buy whatever you want, go wherever you want and do whatever you want. But having a significant other that knows about you and accepts you surpasses anything being single can offer.

    Just had to throw that out there for the married couples or those dating, LOL.

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    I've of course been single...

    I've been and in a committed relationship currently...

    My gf doesn't care what I buy at all...a few years ago we both went and got custom!

    Even went to some, I'm not going to dance anytime soon...but, I do have pretty much anything I want...some toys, and my puppy plushie...which is usually in bed with us...

    And she doesn't care too much about my spending money on toys and's good...


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    being single on valentines day hurts me every years because it reminds me of that faithful day 6 years ago when my ex hurt me and broke my heart on valentines day

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    I've not had a sig other for Valentines day, many in between, just never on said day, but on the upsides, it's one less person you have to deal with when you want to "wear" at home in just a T shirt and a nappy doing whatever you please!

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