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Thread: Newborn Pictures?

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    Default Newborn Pictures?

    An adoptive mom decided to take pictures of her son as you would a newborn, and then posted them to Facebook. Now, it's gone viral and seems to be the talk of the town.

    Adoptive mom's 'newborn' photo shoot with 13-year-old son goes viral -

    Any thoughts on this?

    Personally, back when I was 13, I probably would have been pissed at my mom for even suggesting such an idea. If I were adopted on the other hand and I've had a rough life before hand; it's really hard to say, because I'm sure I'd do it to feel as much apart of the family as possible.

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    There are some real downsides to ubiquitous digital cameras and social media. This is one of them. I'm sure my kids are glad that they grew up before it became cheap and easy for us to visually document every second of their lives. The expense and effort involved in buying, developing, and storing film evidence at least gave us a little pause.

    I'm REALLY happy this stuff wasn't around when I was a kid. Don't get me wrong, I have an album of pictures from my childhood, and I'm glad to have them, but its limited, nobody else sees them besides Mrs. Maxx, and its not not a paparacci style volume exposingand exploiting all my numerous flaws.

    I don't fault the mom for taking the pictures. They'd be a fun thing to pull out 30 years from now on a cold winter's day when she's tired of vacuuming. She should be shot for publishing on facebook.

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    That turned out to be a good article. Its nice to know a story has a happy ending

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    It was an interesting article; it did come across subtlely as an advertisement for adoption. Anyway, I'm glad the kids found someone to take care of them.

    As for posting them, I'm not convinced that was a good idea.

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    That is pretty funny -- an interesting idea. It sounds like the kid wanted to do it, so that's cool. Obviously it's not something you'd want to force on a kid who wasn't enthusiastic about it!

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    I think it was a great idea and all, but why did this go so viral?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zazi View Post
    I think it was a great idea and all, but why did this go so viral?
    Because it's a sweet story.

    Anything that has a sad backstory, a happy ending, and some cute photos to go with it will go viral eventually.

    All in all, I think it's a beautiful idea. Obviously if the kid wasn't up for it, it would be horrific, but it seems like something that was good for the whole family.

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    Seems cute and while some people may not love them it doesn't really matter as long as the kid and his mum do. One day they'll look back and smile over them and probably have a laugh about they captured the internet's attention for a few days.

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