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Thread: What Night Time Diaper

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    Default What Night Time Diaper

    What would you suggest is the best night time diaper? I want to find one thats thick really, I havn't been in diapers in a while now but want to get back. Im in the UK and have a 32" waist if this helps.
    What would you recommend?

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    As suggested, you cannot beat a cloth diaper and plastic pants for night-time protection. I've been wearing them for decades at night (for sleep wetting). If you can wash them discreetly, I would try the cloth diapers from Adult Cloth Diaper, BabyKINS or Changing Times. Purchase only one at time until you find the right fit, comfort level. Same thing with plastic pants. You don't want a waterproof pant that is too tight or too loose around the legs and waist. Comfort wise, I sleep like a rock in my cloth diapers. I also double them at night for extra protection.

    If you are looking for a disposable product go for the premium diapers you can get online like Abena M4 (x-plus), Dry 24-7, or similarly top-of-the-line disposable. Peace of mind from leaks is key even if you are consciously wetting them.

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    'hotel grade' terry towelling towels from Dunelm, to layer up as you wish. a pull-up terry nappy is also good for keeping things in place and that extra bit of security.
    Reusable incontinence pants, incontinence pads and waterproof plastic pants, for children, teenagers and adults. stock most things; although, as with most inco supplies, the quality/weight (gsm) of the towelling products isn't up to scratch. nonetheless, their 'bedwetting nappy' works a treat and is quite bulky when boosted with a thrice folded small towel.

    american 'Gary' brand plackies are available from Shop4PVC | PVC Rainwear | PVC Sleepwear | Buy PVC Uniforms | PVC Dresses Website . they're well made, and the heavy-duty, thicker versions are brill'. they also sell via ebay.

    the cheap transparent placky pants sold by Arizona are also available direct from the manufacturer:
    Protective Incontinence Pants : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce
    when buying these or other pants it's best to size the pant according to your leg/thigh diameter; waists can taken in or otherwise coped with.

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    Im not sure if you can get them in the UK, but Bambinos work well. Last night my Bianco held up to a flood and still didnt leak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    This is exactly what I will be in tonight. It's a small world on ADISC.

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    Lots of clothies on here, hehehe...

    Anyway, I'm a big fan of cloth/prefolds and plastic pants for leak avoidance. In all honesty, I haven't really tried much in the way of adult disposables, but I will say that I've *never* had a leak with my prefolds and Gary plastic pants, whether sitting, standing, or lying down. Functionally, there are plenty of good prefolds out there, so a lot of it will come down to personal preference. My favorites come from Changing Times (same as Rearz) mostly because I have a "thing" for the quilted texture of the fabric, but I also have LeakMaster/ACD, Baby Pants, BabyKins, and Angel Fluff prefolds too. They're all good and different, and I love a varied stash.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Cloth diapers seem to be the way here iv never used cloth before and kind of think i would prefer disposable are there any good thick plastic back ones iv heard abri form are good diapers

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    Abena's -4 series are pretty good for a fair price. I find 24/7s leak through pinholes caused by large SAP grains and are overpriced though they are the thickest & thirstiest. Tranquility ATNs work very well for me though others claim they leak, I think it is a fit or taping issue. Euro briefs from North Shore Care are doing a good job overnight for me recently for a fair price and though they run a bit small I've gotten used to taping them on just right and they hold pee like the Hoover Dam.

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    cheers iv heard that Abrena M4's are pretty thick but never tried them, might have to try and find a sample and give them a go Also might have to see if you can get euro briefs delieved to the UK they look pretty good

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