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Thread: Molicare Super plus tape problems

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    Default Molicare Super plus tape problems

    Thought I would change things up from my abena M4's and go back to Molicare Super plus for a bit. Not sure what's going on but I'm finding that the tapes are unsticking themselves and popping off all the time, so now I have to wear underwear over them to make sure they don't go anywhere. Never used to have this problem with them. Anybody else or is it just me?

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    I have had the same problem with this product. That's why I stopped ordering them many years ago.

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    I haven't had that problem. Molicare Super plus are still good diapers for me. If that does happened I use duct tape for that problem.

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    I had the same problem. I like my diapers tight so maybe that's the issue. IDK. I like to use Abenas the most but the price limits my use of them.

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    A friend of mine uses them a lot. He told me a trick to get them to stick better; Fold the tapes on the lengthwise after sticking them on, pressing the tape against itself, then it should stick better. Hope it helps.

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    I don't have problem with them myself. I just rub the tape a bit after sticking it. For the first 5 secondes, they don't stick much. But once they are set, they don't move for me.

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    I've always found them to be very sticky to the point of pulling the plastic backing away, how odd!

    I also use bob111's method of rubbing the tapes on every diaper I use, and it really works

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    I've found it you only tape it lightly or it's not stuck flat they can come off occasionally. However, if you just take a few seconds to make sure it's stuck flat and smooth it down I find they stick like glue. I've torn the plastic by un-taping them before once it's firmly stuck.

    Are you near the upper waist limit for whichever size you are?

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    I hate tearing either the tape or the backing when putting them on. I feel like the diaper is almost wasted. Of course I still use it....but it is a pet peeve of mine.

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    The new molicares with the airflow wings are a nightmare to get stuck down properly. I've also torn many of the wings accidentally whilst trying to change whilst lying down. Really frustrating as there are several other brands I prefer but my NHS supplier doesn't contract with them and I can only rarely afford to by more myself.

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