View Poll Results: Would cuddling your plushie on a plane be most awkward if you were sitting next to:

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  • an attractive stranger

    19 38.00%
  • a business traveler

    16 32.00%
  • a real kid (ages 1-12)

    27 54.00%
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Thread: Plushies on a Plane

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    Default Plushies on a Plane

    Does anyone cuddle their plushie on a plane? Not to be confused with Snakes on a Plane unless of course your plushie is a snake. My boyfriend is AB/DL and flies all the time (at least once a week) with a big red dog who shall go nameless to protect his identity.
    Anyway, I asked him this question and we thought it might be a good poll.
    Do you find it most awkward to snuggle your plushie on a plane next to:

    1. a stranger you find attractive
    2. a business traveler
    3. a real kid (age 1-12)

    Vote baby vote.

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    I've never been on a plane before, however, I don't think I would snuggle my teddy. That said, I think the worst of those three options would be the attractive stranger, especially if I had been hitting it off with her before, and then took out my teddy bear for a nap. That would probably set off a few red flags for her.

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    I took my plush on a plane about a year ago, but i didn't cuddle with it... Although, I did get a lot of kids looking at me funny lol. I had it out because it didn't fit in the carry on.
    P.S. iv had a plush as long as i can remember, its not an abdl thing for me.

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    Personally I think that a kid would be worse because kids always think the worst things and assume plushies are only meant for kids, while a attractive stranger might think the plushie was cute and get closer to me.

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    I agree with Naleas on this one. Chicks dig cute......
    I fly a lot, both commercial and with my dad in his private plane. I don't think I'd have my plushie when flying with him, for self explanatory reasons, and whenever I fly commercial, I usually have my family with me

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    I wouldn't take my plushie on a plane, but I would be more embarrassed from sitting next to a kid, for the same reason Naleas gave. I probably would have one of my plushies in my luggage so that I would have him when I got to my destination.

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    back in nov 2005 I took a plane up to Bend Oregon to vist my older brother. From the connecting flight from Portland's airport my brother's boss was on the plane as well, I didn't know the guy but he figured out who I was since I was wearing one of his compaines jackets (It was/is a small snowboarding clothing company).

    So at the time I'm glad I didn't have any plushie in my carry-on thought I did have a pacifier in it, but I never took it out. Plus there was a kid a year or two younger then me that also flew from Sacramento to Bend.

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    I went with the stranger, while chicks dig cute, if you are taking a nap and have to have the plushie I have to agree with what was said before... a red flag might be set off.

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    I didnt hear it buy my boyfriend did but as the one male flight attendant walked by me when i was passed out cuddling my lil wolf plush he said "Awww, that's cute." I dont care what people say I always have one in my lap when i fly.

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    Default Re: Plushies on a Plane

    The only time I flew with a plushy was for a 1 hour flight from Socal to NorCal and he remained in my luggage for the flight. I have a hard time imagining Jake the Dog being on a plane. I've always wanted to fly with one of my plushies (and a paci). I hate flying and having these two things would make a flight, especially a long one, way easier, and but there's no way I'd have the audacity to.

    If I were on a plane with an attractive girl, it wouldn't be the end of the world but I'd rather have her know me a little bit and how awesome I am before she just saw me as some guy sleeping with a plushy. I bet there are some girls who'd find it cute, but but I wouldn't count on it. If it were young kid, I I figure it could go two ways. They'd either be interested and understanding/appreciative of your traveling companion or they may think it's strange (they might just fight it strange at first though). And if it were a business traveler, I guess it would depend on what they're business was and whether I knew them or not. If they were someone I'd want a professional relationship with, then I'd rather have them not see that part of me. If it were just some stranger who I could care less about unless I wanted to small talk and/or be friendly, then I probably wouldn't care.

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