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Thread: Pampers Gentle wipes.

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    Default Pampers Gentle wipes.

    Well last night when I was buying my groceries I realized that I was needing some hygiene stuff and knowing that I am a wetter day/night I thought it would be a good idea to pick up some wipes rather than just the baby powder that I usually get. So I thought that I should get some wet ones. But ether they did not have them or I suck at looking around for stuff. And so after passing through the diaper isle over and over and over I decided to get the soft pack that is loaded up in diaper packs and such and get those. This morning I tried them out and they did make a difference rather than using the toilet paper that generally clumps up and causes more harm than good.

    I did find that I like using these and will continue to use them from now on. Even when I get little ones of my own I will use them on them too

    Here's some pro's and cons.

    Pro's are:
    1. Great for cleaning the area that they are designed for.
    2. Cute designs on both the packaging and the wipes
    3. No alcohol
    4. Soft and comfortable which make them feel very good to use.
    5. Does not dry out your skin like traditional baby wipes do.

    Very small which means that I have to use more than one.

    Other thoughts. I do highly recommend these to any one who is looking for some wipes to cleanse their nether regions. They even make good hand wipes too. They are a must get for our kind and for parents who are needing them for their children's diapering needs.

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    That scares me more... I would not want to use wipes when at work

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    I htink i might... next time I go shopping I'll get some.

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    yeah, and sometimes you can re-use the container (depending on what you get) for your crayons! Wipes are awesome!

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