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    Tonight tues 12th Feb a program on sky living called my strange addiction is featuring a guy who loves to wear is also being shown a further 2 Times throughout the night if you can't watch I think it on a ten or ten thirty,theirs 2 different programs so don't record the wrong one,hope this information is useful.

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    I guess i wont get this in Canada? but i am going to check thanks for the heads up

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    It wont be, no.

    From what I've seen/read, this is by this guy Stanley Thornton who depending on your view is either a selfish attention seeker or very misguided. Either way he's a pretty poor ambassador as they go; he is clearly a man who has serious issues and generally extols the view that this fetish is the preserve of mental wrecks.

    Frankly, this kind of programme will never do the fetish any favours and could possibly dissuade those who discovering this another way might enjoy it.

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    I think the My Strange Addiction episode was an a appearance by Riley Kilo, who is a woman - unless it's a UK made episode and they've found a male AB to do it...

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    can't find any mention of this in the tv schedule, are you sure about the day and the channel?

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    yep - home and health discovery now and on +1 in 45 mins.

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    hope it hits youtube at some point. would be interested to see it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ted498 View Post
    yep - home and health discovery now and on +1 in 45 mins.
    If its on a Discovery network it has to be Reily's episode of "My Strange Addiction". Discovery owns TLC which produced the show, so im 99% sure it's this.

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