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    When I got out of my last relationship... It hurt the person who used to be my Little Girl. In a desperate attempt to come back to me she left me messages calling me Daddy. Which confused my current girlfriend, so I ended up having to explain how I took care of my last girlfriend like my baby. She accepted it, and told me she thought no different, but made it clear that it wouldn't be something that would be possible, and that I should probably suppress it.... well I guess that's what I'm gonna do. I'm not gonna be daddy again until I have children... it's a little upsetting. But this girl isn't someone
    I could see as my baby, anyway. I'd much prefer my old baby girl..... just not
    as a girlfriend. Goodbye for the last time AB/DL world.

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    Suppressing isn't always the best idea. You'll probably find that out in your own time however; 18 is a confusing age for anybody, especially for someone in your position.

    Maybe you need to find a constructive channel for that aspect of your life rather than simply writing it off altogether. You'll know what that is I suspect in due course.

    That you're writing what you have on here is probably a sign that you want some voice of resistance from this community. in itself, you might like to think about why you would need to say goodbye in the way you have. I don't mean this in a nasty way (quite the opposite in fact) but are you really washing your hands of this side of your makeup or are you subconsciously willing an excuse or exception for a sense of guilt/shame? Only you can answer that.

    Ultimately, it's your decision whether you decide to 'give up' and good luck whatever you decide. I'm just wondering if you're actually saying goodbye and whether - if you really were - you would have posted what you did...

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    Jsar mentioned, a good point. Suppressing it sometimes doesn't work, but it is also possible you might outgrow it or be able to suppress it (I agree that suppressing it is rather difficult, but there have been threads about people being able to do it successfully, so it's possible). Either way, I hope your new relationship works out and remember you don't need to stop being part of ADISC or this community (although maybe if you're trying to suppress it, it may not be the best idea ). Either way, good luck!

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    Maybe she would enjoy being your Princess and having you look after her in more adult ways? We all like being spoilt, pampered and cared for in various ways...

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