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Thread: Going to get my fist trial of abstanance.

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    Default Going to get my fist trial of abstanance.

    Well It is time for me to do the skin prep for my surgery tomarrow. So this is my first time of stopping my little since I have accepted my AB/DL. It will be interesting to see how this week will go. THe surgery is no big deal, just an abdominal hernia repair. But I have noticed in the last two weeks I have not been having anxiety issues, so this should be interesting to see if I am able to handle it with out my old worry wort sinerio.

    Probible going into TMI but everyone here has given such good advice to one another and being able to "eves drop" on the treads I have learned so much about the reason I feel the way I do and the internal termoil that it has been causing.

    I guess the best thing to say is Thanx everyone and will be back in about two days.

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    Hope all goes well and you recover quickly!

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    Au Revoir, I wish you a speedy recovery, and hope that you have a surgery assistant who can count how many sponges were used!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eulogy View Post
    Au Revoir, I wish you a speedy recovery, and hope that you have a surgery assistant who can count how many sponges were used!
    Forget the sponges and make sure you check yourself with a metal detector after the surgery.

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    Well I am home and not moving very fast. have to keep the insission sight clean, so my little will just have to be in time out. And dont think he is not letting me know that he wants attention. So far so good.

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    You are in our prayers. Keep us posted.

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    Ditto. Your little one will have to wait a little longer but you both will be so happy soon when you are all healed. Best wishes.

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    Well I am definately having one step backward today. I have been having fellings that I would like to put on my diaper and just hang, but I cant because of the dressings on my belly. I have been going through forums and reading threads and seeing a wide veriety of inputs and time to think about my meaning of life. It has been the pits with the fatigue and the drozeness from the perkeset, but doing the best I can and pacing myself. Watching the items I am suposs to and keeping things clean.
    I have been just wanting to diaper just to diaper and remembering the promise I made to myself about controlling the diaper need for this week. The discharge said thing can happen as they can be handled. However I still want to be able to control my little to prove to myself that I am incharge of the balance of life and not just doing ABDL without thought.

    Being Valentine day I did things for my wife and she had a very busy 12hr shift today. My mother-in-law has been taking care of the family and I have not been able to do a lot, but still I wanted time with my wife. So of cource the kids are wound up and wanting candy candy and more candy. So it got a little tinse tonight. The daughter has school tomarrow and I want her to succed (very long story). But of cource she works mommy against daddy and adds grandma to the mix. I am attempting to work on grounding to stay in the moment and not just cut and run. So here I am venting to this thread and working on grounding (figuring out what is a real truth and what is knee jerk reaction)
    I definately need to respect myself by not just diapering to escape. I am definately not dealing with my daughter by letting her stay with mommy, but I am also attempting to respect my wife by letting her deal with my daughter instead of fighting with her to go to bed and upsetting everyone in the house.
    I just hope I am making the right choices, ?????????????????

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