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Thread: Speculation on the ABU Sissy Diapers?

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    Default Speculation on the ABU Sissy Diapers?

    Well, with them now available for pre order, my interest levels are spiking.

    Here's my biggest question... Will they be like the ABU Cushies?

    And what are your other speculations about the coming new product?


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    Default Re: Speculation on the ABU Sissy Diapers?

    Well they are to be about the same as their super dry kids. So that is pretty good for what they can hold.

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    I am thinking of ordering some of these too. They do look like super dry kids too. Just different designs.

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    I pre-ordered...hopefully they will be what my imagination pictures them to be

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    I have 2 cases preordered, even made a thread similar to this one about them. I am assuming that the sissies will be all over them. Cushies, SDK, and Sissies should be the same damn thing.

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    I ordered 30 back in December, I can't wait for them to come in myself personally. Hopefully they are better or just as good as I imagine.

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    ABU has a tendency to make cute diapers that don't hold enough for me, personally. >___> I'm a tad bit of a heavy wetter...

    I wanna wait and see if they fix this issue, get a good comparison to some Bambinos perhaps. We'll see if it's just a redesign of the pampers remakes they made.

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    I really wanna try em out.
    Well, me and my wuff.

    They're so cute ;A;

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    You may also be interested to know that the ABU Cushies with the cloth cover are out, looking at them, I don't think you are going to get much closer to the diapers you get in the supermarket, seriously going to have to order some,they look amazing!

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