I want to write a few fictionalized but honest and realistic examples of ABDL's lives to present to non-ABDLs as a way of promoting acceptance of us. I want to compile a set of "typical" AB/DLs' stories, and need a little help with the research. I only have my own story to go on and what I can gleam from many people's posts, and would like your help. I want to write about a:

- Pure to 90% DL's story
- A pure to 90% AB's
- A sissy baby or female AB
- A BF or DF, or an ABDL who has a "vanilla" or non-BF/DF furry side.

If I could please have people PM me your story, so I don't unintentionally encourage this thread to become non-PG13. I will sanitize the stories when I draft it in unfinished stories.

1. Briefs about your childhood experiences and fantasies, relating to your earliest memories of your ABDL feelings.
2. A brief example and what specifically were your feelings?
3. How your ABDL feelings/fantasies changed over time, to adolescence (from DL to ABDL to AB, to sissy), to adulthood.
4. Your struggles with it throughout your life, such as attempts to binge/purge, getting discoverred, etc.
5. Your acceptance of yourself.

Not more than a two-to-four sentence explanation on each subject is necessary.

Thank you for your help,