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Thread: Which diapers should I get?

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    Default Which diapers should I get?

    This summer I'll be going on a car trip to an amusement park with my family and I'm thinking of wearing diapers so that I don't have to leave for the bathrooms, and because I might fall asleep and don't want to wet, nor do I want to make frequent bathroom stops... (And it would be an opportunity to finally wear!)

    So my question is, what should I get? I want pull-up type diapers only, and they should be easy to get at stores in the US (so no online orders). I'd like babyish diapers, so no depends or adult diapers. I'm going to be sitting, lying down and standing a lot, so they should be able to hold a while without leaking and not rip open, I am going to change them after one wetting though. Keep in mind I'm not going to wear any plastic pants over them, just some shorts or jeans.

    Basically, I'm interested in the "series" of diapers that have more absorbency and are more resistant, and have leak guards when sitting, lying down, and and standing/walking.

    Thanks in advance for some advice on what's good, it's my first time wearing since a while and I've recently rediscovered my fetish. Also sorry if this sounds demanding, but english isn't my first language.

    - Regards
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    Goodnites are your best bet. They are babyish, found in common stores, and are a pull up, but they don't hold too much (I heard 13 oz somewhere, not sure if this is true)

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    ^^^ what he said...

    I would never wet GNs in public though... way too risky / prone to leaks...

    babyish + available in stores + good absorbency = dream diaper / nonexistent

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    Even good diapers can leak if you wet sitting down. I would not wet anything in the car without plastic pants and preferably cloth lined ones. For around the park you could get away with many kinds of pull ups with a booster. You need to do some test runs in private before you go out in public.

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