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    How long can I use a pacifier before I have to change to a new cause the paci I am using now has a rubber teat on it and it feels about time to get a new one after using it for so long when I started using that one it wasn't new it was my old one from when I was still a toddler

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    my nuk paci i bough from albertsons said 1 month

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    It's probably time to retire that one and get one on the order of a NUK 5. If the teat has any holes or cracks in it it's time to go.

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    Thanks guys I will be ordering a nuk 5 latex soon

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    Durability depends on usage. Indications by baby pacifier producers are not accurate, as they are estimated on all-day use. My NUK 5 pacifiers usually last about ten months, given that I sleep for eight hours with them for (in average) five times a week.

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    I throw it away when the latex starts to make a little creaking sound against the teeth. I use esska and mam pacifiers.

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    I use my pacifier till it starts to break down. I can usually start tasting the latex piece and stuff. I would say I get about 3-6 months for one pacifier and I use mine alot.

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    But then again if you don't use it a lot and as long if it isn't old, you could probably have it for a year or so.

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