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Thread: I'm angry and frustrated

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    Default I'm angry and frustrated

    What do you do to vent your negative energy?

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    Post on ADISC.


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    Sometimes that makes me more angry unfortunately.
    Sometimes helps too >.>

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    This works amazingly well for me, but I don't know if it will for you.
    I put on a diaper, go under my blanket completely, and squeeze the life out of pillow.
    It's very, very relaxing. It's even gotten me back into thumb sucking.
    It pretty much makes all my stress melt away.

    Another good idea is to vent your anger and frustration into something physical that needs to get done, like cleaning your room, washing a car, moving firewood, etc.
    It's very effective and it makes it so you take care of two problems at once.

    If you don't have anything productive and physical to do, another good idea would be to exercise. Or if you don't want to/can't do them, take a walk around the block or something.

    Hope I helped.

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    Well, there's two ways:
    (1) Physical activity to simply become too tired to be worried about whatever is making you worried. Also, fast and aggressive physical activities (like using a punch bag) also allows you to vent some of the anger.

    (2) Being around people you like and either talking it over with them or just letting them comfort you.


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    Usually I go into my workshop and build something, or if I'm stressed over a build I go to the computer and kill something in one of my games(my current favorite is to build up a wicked-huge army in Galactic Battlegrounds and decimate the enemy).

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    My favourite method is to close my curtains, wrap myself up in my blanket and duvet, cuddle a plushie and suck my thumb/paci. The only problem with this is I often fall asleep and nothing will wake me until I am done recovering.

    I used to squeeze my stress ball a lot, but I have lost it at the moment . I'm quite upset about this, it was quite important to me.

    Sometimes I find my fencing really helps me to deal with stress. However, I have to not let it out too quickly, I have to remain in control or I become dangerous so if I am REALLY stressed fencing isn't the best idea - I would probably hard hit and get punished or something, which would make me even more stressed.

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    Screaming into a pillow works sometimes, writing also is helpful, and taking walks sometimes works.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I do a grounding ritual to discharge negative energy.

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    If I'm really pissed about something, I'll go get my stereo fired up and play my favorite music for hours on end.

    { I used to listen to the radio, I like {liked} country music, when it was real country anyways, but I can't listen to this garbage they claim as music anymore, it just pisses me off that much more. My blood pressure goes through the roof whenever I have to listen to music I can't stand.}

    And like was mentioned by someone else, I'll go out to my garage and work on my vehicles, or just clean up the garage, anything constructive helps. I get a lot of satisfaction out of working on cars, it's relaxing to me.

    But just do what you like, anything that you like. That should relax you and get your mind off of your troubles. Good luck to you.

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