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Thread: What Made You How You Are?

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    Default What Made You How You Are?

    What event in your life do you believe made you the person you are today?

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    It's a culmanation of things that has happened to me over my lifetime and my acceptance of who I'm today. As I look back at it I wouldn't change a thing.
    I'm into my 9th year of retirement and enjoying my life to the fullest. It's true I'm now diapered 24/7 because of my urge IC but I accept that and probably
    will be for the rest of my life. I also enjoy my AB side when comes bedtime. I also have some health problems which I consider minor that don't stop me from
    living my life.

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    You see, I don't really know. I know that a few years of my childhood where I had to grow up very fast to deal with a very longterm sick close relative resulted in many urges as that's when my major urges started. However, when I was potty trained I wouldn't want to wear normal underwear and want to stay in nappies/diapers, when I was growing up I'd pay extra attention to diaper and doll adverts on tv, when I was young at nursery/kindergarten I'd take nappies in the bathrooms and try and put them on.

    These are desires that have been with me from an incredibly young age. While there are specific events I feel made the urges more prominent my 'history' so to speak with diapers preceded that by so many years. I honestly don't know what really gave me these desires in the first place. As I said the earliest possible memory I have was being very young and transitioning into normal underwear. I was very reluctant.

    What about yours?

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    I was adopted at the age of two, to two wonderful parents, but who had no idea what they were getting. I always loved music, and was conducting the television when I was 4. I invented musical instruments until they got me lessons on piano and organ. I graduated from Westminster Choir College in 1970, and was politically active demonstrating against the war in Vietnam and for civil rights. I attended meetings with the Black Panthers and sang in the choir for Dr. Martin Luther King's national memorial service, conducted by Leopold Stokowski.

    I lived a very diverse lifestyle throughout college, but married after college, and began my life both as a father and a conductor and organist to a very large Methodist church.

    In college I discovered writing as well as developing my musical abilities. I was published as a poet, but now enjoy writing stories. I still conduct and play in church, and enjoy the outdoors, just as I always have.

    Those who know me on this site know that I've had amazing experiences all throughout my life. I was one to take risks and bend, if not break the rules of life. I'm an explorer by nature, exploring beyond the laws of nature, so to speak, whether they are paranormal, psychedelic, or social. I've lived a life of nothing ventured, nothing gained, and I've gained a lot. Life is an adventure.

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    If your talking about this fetish.. no idea.

    Far as I know I've led a relatively normal life. Good parents, no abuse that I know of, had a pretty normal time in school (small group of friends, no bullying, did average grade wise)..

    I do know that even early on I enjoyed cartoons where one of the characters got tied up (I was into bondage long before I got into diapers..) so I'm just going to go with some kind of freaky genetics.

    If your talking about life in general.. family probably constitutes most of it (as it probably does for most people whether good or bad). I'd also say/blame the internet. As a computer geek, I spent a lot of time browsing the web, so I'm sure that had to have an effect. There is a small group of people I've been talking to on the net since I was in school (met on newsgroups and IRC) and still keep in touch with. I probably know some of them better than my "in real life" friends.

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    I remember getting my tonsils removed at age 6. My tonsils were so big I had a hard time breathing. My parents took me to the hospital. I had to spend the night there before the surgery. I was the only one in the room that night. I was so nervous were I wet the sheets and my gown. The nurse came in and check on me. She notice that I was wet. She told me are you nervous and I said yes. She said I can't have you in wet sheets for the night. So she move me to another room. I said I was sorry. She said that is alright many children are so nervous they often wet the bed. After I was moved to another room she took off my gown. I told her that I was sorry so many times I was starting to cry. She told me its ok and that I don't have cry. Then she put a new gown on me and told me to lay down. After laying down she said do you feel better and I said yes. Then she said I need your help. I need you to wear this for me. When she showed me, it was a big diaper. I said am I going to get into trouble. She said no. She said you know what this is. And I said a diaper. She said yes its a diaper that will help keep you dry for the next couple of nights. Then she said do you want a wet bed or a dry bed. I said a dry bed. Then she said ok lets put this on so you will have a dry bed ok. I said ok. Then she puts the diaper on me. I know my face was so red like "Big Red Gum". She said there is no reason to be embarrassed its just a diaper. After she was done diapering me she showed me other children that were diapered too. She said see you are not the only in diapers. When I look at they other children I knew they were younger than me. I said ok. The next morning I had a different nurse. She came in and said how do you feel. I said ok. I know I was still nervous. She look and she knew that my diaper was wet. She said I will be right back don't go anywhere ok. I said ok. She came back and she a diaper and some kind of special gown. She ok lets change your diaper. After changing my diaper. She said ok now we need to change your gown. I said ok. She said its a better gown. I said ok. So she took off my gown. Then she put the other gown on me. I knew there was something different with this gown. It was something like this. Toddler Sleepwear, taking off diaper, zippered Back pajamas, that are child proof, to stop little escape artists!
    But mine was white and it had different colors of stars all over it. Then the doctor came in a said are you ready. I said no. He said you will be ok. Then he walk out. Then the nurse came in and said I want you to hold my hand and walk with me ok. I said ok. So we walked down the hallway. I saw other people there and they were smiling at me. Then we got to this room and it was big. I saw the doctor there and other people there. I shaking were the nurse knew I was scared. She told me I will be right by your side ok. And I said I am scared. She said it will be ok. She put me on the table and told me to lay down. I was so scared I cold not even remember if I wet my diaper or not. She said I want to squeeze this toy as hard as you can ok. I said ok. It was some kind of rubber toy grip thing. The doctor said ok I am going to put this mask on you and I want you to count backwards starting at 40. As I got down to 30 I was out. When I woke up I notice I was in a different room. I could not talk either. It hurts to talk. The first nurse that I had came in and ask how are you. I just move my head up and down. She said I know it hurts to talk. Then my parents came in and I was happy and they were happy to see me. At this point I forgot all about the diaper and the surgery. My parents were there for a while then they left. The nurse did change my diaper and I was still wearing the special gown too. I got better on the third day I got my clothes back on and I went home. I will never for this experience in my life. I have say that the nurses and the doctors were very nice and friendly people.

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    Oh WOW! I have already begun recording a video that talks about this same topic! It's a really interesting topic:
    "What made you who you are?"

    It entails so much, like what you are into. (Obviously diapers being one of the real stumpers to think on and attempt to understand/figure out.)

    For me it's two major factors.

    #1. People around you. Family, friends.

    #2. Media. This is all inclusive and relative to all sources of media.

    These two things effect who you grow to become in your life.....

    ......That and just plain old luck....

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    Theres a couple of events actually. First off politically so I can get that out of the way, its because both of my parents are republicans and I've decided to follow in their steps but it was also the recent election that made me make this choice being the first time I could vote. I had a very rough childhood because the school system wouldnt believe anything I said nor would the teachers and the doctors diagnosed me with a condition at a young age I dont even have so that forced me to stay out of the general population of the school (which denied opportunities to be in clubs). That would explain the aggression I have that has built up inside me. Religiously it was a miracle of god that made me come to christianity as I used to be a athiest.

    What has made me a musician would have to be because I discovered this natural talent I have to create, to perform.

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