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Thread: Suggestion on diaper?

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    Hi all. I am a big DL, but am rarely alone to be able to wear. Next weekend ill have the house to myself & want to wear again I want to buy some diapers from a drug store but don't know what's good. I've only ever bought depends, which leaked I'm 18, female, 5'7, around 130 pounds. Thanks for any input!

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    Unfortunately depends are about as good as it gets if you're buying from a drug store!:/ The best brands are only available online!

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    If your going to a drug store Depends are most common . If you have a medical supply store near by you might be able to find nicer diapers like Molicare or Tranquility ATN . Otherwise going online is the best place for good diapers

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    Try Rite Aid. They have some good ones. Also Walmart has a lot of diapers too. But the best diapers are online. Good Luck.

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    You could buy some GoodNites, I'm 5'11" and 150 lbs and I fit them. Yea there not like the true adult diapers but they get the job done when you can't order them or if you need them quickly. Get the largest size, they will fit up to(from what I heard) a waist of 34". Good Luck!

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