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Thread: Adult Diaper Mod?

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    Default Adult Diaper Mod?

    Do you ever modify your diaper to make it feel, look, or work better?

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    All I've ever done is put holes in one so i could double up.

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    I often open the diaper in the back, separating the plastic side from the padding.
    Then I put in a booster and baby diaper.

    That makes for a really thick diaper that last for ever.

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    I've torn slits to double diaper in the past but that is it.

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    I put stickers on my diapers. Sometime I used duck tape too. I will buy either the 2 inch wide duck tape or the big 4 inch wide duck tape in white. I used the 2 inch one for 2 tapes on each side, total of 4 tapes per diaper. Or I will use the 4 inch tape 1 on each side, total of 2 tapes per diaper. With duck tape the diaper be snug or tight on me and will not come off or sag. With duck tape I can still take the diaper off normal by pulling on the duck tape so the diaper will not tear. I use duct tape with the Bambino or the Dry 24/7 both are my favorite diapers. Package tape will work too. But sometimes it will rip or tear the diaper so you have to be careful when you take the tapes off. Duck tape will also tear the diaper. But that has not happened to me. I am being very careful with taking the tapes off so I can change my diaper.

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    Hey!...This actually is a question that I have.

    I was at a thrift shop and I bought two packs of Prevail Youth Briefs for cheap-cheap. I tried them out when I got home. I noticed that the tab section wasn't stretchy (something I just assumed it was cuz baby diapers are stretchy)

    I also noticed there was a 3" gap between the front and back flange thingys. I tried to pre-tape them to the max allowable fit and step into them like Goodnites (that didn't work)!

    Was looking on the 'articles' tab and found a how-to on tape extenders, however the example used baby diapers with one tape; not four as my Prevails are.

    Any suggestions on how to extend the flange things using original diaper parts, have it look like an unaltered product, and keep the strength and durability as it would be if they fit normally?? (kinda OCD and I believe in not cross-branding)

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    I sometimes separate the fake cloth outer covering from the plastic on Pampers (it works on Luvs, too). You have to be careful, but it is pretty easily done. When you're finished, you have a plastic backed baby diaper that crinkles just like the old days. Another bonus is the cute sesame street designs are brighter and more colorful once the fake cloth is removed. There's another thread here that gives instructions on how to remove the outer cover.

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    Default Re: Adult Diaper Mod?

    I've only done that with goodnites, to make the colors brighter

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    I like to poke a tiny hole in the padding and fill it full of sweet n' low. works just like the Pull ups cool alert!

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