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Thread: discovering your ab side

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    Default discovering your ab side

    as of recently i have started exploring my self. i had always thought baby stuff and diapers were a sexual thing. i have learned this is not true.

    i have been slowing buying baby stuff (baby bottle, onesie, paci). i have tried pacifiers before but never really enjoyed them. as of recently i have learned that i love having my paci and am looking to buy a nuk 5 in the next few months .

    so at this point i feel i am not just a dl any more and more a ab dl. but i have not done age play yet but we will see .

    is any one else gone through this before ?

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    I'm kinda in the same position as you, but haven't found the enjoyment in the paci or bottle yet. I still consider myself a DL but who knows where it goes from here?

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    That is exactly what I discoverred last year. I was all-sexual until I discoverred this community.

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    This is all well and good (and I mean that) but also be advised there's nothing intrinsically non-sexual about being an AB. If that's how you see it, more power to you, but it's not part of any rulebook.

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    I'm going through much the same transition at the moment. Always considered myself DL, but of late I've felt far more like I want to open up to the AB side as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    This is all well and good (and I mean that) but also be advised there's nothing intrinsically non-sexual about being an AB. If that's how you see it, more power to you, but it's not part of any rulebook.
    i see wat you mean here

    what i ment was i dont get any sexual turn ons from paci bottles etc...
    the only thing that has done that for me is diapers

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    This really is not all that uncommon. When I was owner I identified as a DL, once I knew the term existed. As the years passed I came to realize that I have a real baby side to who I am and that this has always been the case.

    Since there is no real definition to determine whether a person is AB, DL or whatever it can be hard for some to identify. Couple this with the fact that there is also a fair bit of denial out there, likely because self acceptance among those with a diaper interest can be a very difficult thing.

    I would suggest that persons who have any regressive, juvenile, baby like, or similar feelings while playing with diapers is likely an AB to some degree. Bottles, pacifiers, baby food and other non-diaper baby things need not be involved in the play. A the same time someone who is regressive and wears diapers but doesn't use them, or doesn't wear diapers, is likely also still an AB. If the diapers bring comfort, relaxation, happiness, etc it is still likely a case where the person is AB because there is a very good chance that a subconscious link to early childhood is at play.

    Those who have a purely sexual connection to diapers might be DL. Those who have no attraction to diapers but started wearing then for someone else, and have come to accept them having no regressive component, would likely be a DL.

    If we will look back to why it was we actually put that first diaper on we will often see a regressive component, or one where there is a subconscious connection to babyhood.

    Of course it is just a label that can be applied to anything because there is no real standards body out there when it comes to AB/DL.

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    For me it started with diapers I like the feel. But after I started using a pacifier, I felt like regressing again. I don't why but I like it. Now I have all kinds of AB stuff. When bed time comes around, I have to be diapered so I won't wet the bed. I like being an AB I have fun all the time.

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    When I was nine I wished I could be a baby again so I could wear diapers. Then when I was 13, I realized i wouldn't really want to be a baby because they have to go to bed early, they have less freedom, can't use the computer or watch movies like PG-13 or rated R ones. I decided one day again in my late teens I wanted to be an AB to just be young on the inside. I got my first pacifier at age 17 and then at age 18 I got a baby bottle. Then I got a few baby things when I was 20. I've always considered myself more of a DL because I don't do baby things every day and I am not fond of playing with the toys. I like my own freedom and I wear my normal clothes than AB outfits. I rarely wear an AB outfit. I wear diapers and that's it. I did use a bottle a few days ago because I felt like drinking out of it.

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    Sounds familiar. I started as a DL, then a couple of years ago I felt compelled to go all the way and purchased some baby things (bottle, dummies, a footed sleeper and my much loved cuddly toy). From this point onwards I embraced my AB side, and it became more emotional then just sexual.

    Interestingly as a side note - I had always hated babies and children before then, but now I feel I can relate to them much more from an empathetic point of view

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