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    i am not one to talk about recurring dreams but i have had the same dream the past few nights and it has to do with me being babied and diapered by a female doctor and a female nurse and i am in a facility with other babies that they are taking care of. i just wonder if it means something and i would love to hear about other peoples dreams.

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    I think it means you'd like to experience this, at least at some psychological level.

    I had an interesting dream several nights ago, and I think it will be the basis of my next Halloween story. I was stranded in some small mid-western town, and I was at the town market, inside a big open building, like a large barn. There was a man on trial, tied to some sort of stockade, and he was being diapered. He was found to be an adult baby and he was going to have to be diapered for the rest of his life, a spectacle to the community, and they were branding his forehead with a hot branding iron. It said Big Baby. I have hellacious dreams!

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    I once had a dream I was in the movie I'm writing. There are some dreams I wish I was able to dream much more often, but I cant.

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    I had a nightmare, were I was in a small white pickup truck a twister came, pickup the truck, and threw it against the tree. All I can remember was the tree got bigger and bigger in my dream I scream. It felt so real the sound and vision of it. I try to wake myself up. Then I finally woke up. I notice my diaper was soak and had to change it. But it took a long time for me to get back to sleep. So I put the Winnie the Pooh movie and fell asleep again. This time I had good dreams.

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    I a few times remember a few nightmares - mostly differet accidentes and traumatic experiences. And I remmber very differents dreams, sometimes with very exicatnt contents...

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    I had a weird one last night, its now on my adisc blog...

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