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    I've been buying diapers at stores now for about 3 years (I know ordering online is waaay better but I can't) but I'm still super nerevous buying diapers. How long has it taken some of you to get over it?

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    I'm not exactly sure when it happened. It sort of snuck up on me. There was a fairly long period where I was very, very nervous and sometimes I didn't even buy because conditions just weren't "right". Then it shifted to discomfort but something that needed to be done. For at least the last six years it's been pretty dull and I even miss the thrill a bit. I did get a bit of a zing buying multiple bags when there was a big sale. It was like I had worked out buying one was no big deal but as soon as I bought more, it made it seem like a much bigger deal. I got used to that much more quickly, though. Only gives me a twinge now. Just keep at it. Oddly, you'll probably miss some of the excitement, as awful as it is, when you get over it.

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    My first time I bought them, my heart was popping out of my chest. I bought other non conspicuous things along with it so it didnt seem too weird. As time went on, i stopped buying with other items. Now i just walk in, pick up a bag, go to the cashier and pay. I make normal eye contact and exchange normal banter with him or her as if nothing is going on. They couldnt care less on what i am buying as long as i am paying for it.

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    i have never had a problem as i buy goodnights no one even looks at me strange

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    I used to get a lot more freaked out than I do now, though I still get pings of nerves when I do.

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    I had a huge cover story ready and was as nervous as anything my first time. To this day I have never had to use the cover story. No one has ever cared. I think once I realized that they were likely more embarrassed than me and that no one would ever ask my nervousness went away.

    I have to admit, how nervous some of the checkout girls have been over the years has provided me with a laugh. Some were almost afraid to touch the bag to find the barcode.

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    I probably would say that once I moved out of my hometown, my nervousness over buying diapers quickly vanished. Once I realized that I wouldn't see anybody I knew when buying diapers, I just didn't seem to care anymore. Now I don't buy them in my hometown, but frequently do when out of town and it really doesn't bother me. I agree that I feel sorry for the cashiers who often seem more nervous about my purchase than I do. I do my best to put them at ease by not making a big deal out of it. When they ask me if I want a bag, I usually say no, to save them further awkwardness over how to place such a big item in a small bag that does little to hide the fact that I just bought a package of diapers. Usually I have no qualms proudly walking out of the store with a bag of diapers in hand...usually chanting to myself..."victory is mine!"

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    If you're younger than 60 I doubt any sales assistant will consider you are buying them for yourself. I also agree that they are likely to be more embarrassed and probably busy worrying about the idea that they might need to buy them/wear them one day themselves. People are often more busy thinking about themselves than they are judging customers. Besides these people handle these and other embarrassing products all the time, it's all run of the mill to them and they don't care, they just want to be done for the day so that they can clock out.

    People have their opinions and as a group on twitter for example, they will judge more harshly and speak out quicker but in one on one situations they tend to have an 'each to their own' point of view.

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    I did it in my early 20's to buy Attends with the blue tapes. I miss those. I was nervous but got over it. I went to different stores too. But I have to say online is way easier and better for me too.

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