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Thread: Looks and feels like real underwear!

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    Default Looks and feels like real underwear!

    So I was looking for the Depends with tabs that I used to buy and these sorts of things are all I can find!

    I just needed something to tie me over until my shipment of Attends comes in, cause I didn't want to use my night time diapers during the day, but it's like noone actually carries adult diapers anymore!

    I was just wondering if any of you actually wear them? I know if I do I'll leak horribly, and god knows if I poop, >_>

    So that leaves me wondering who buys these things? Cause this incontinent person certainly can't.

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    Looks like you might be stuck with house brands from CVS,Wallgreens,Wal Mart,Rite Aid or what everelse you can find where you live.

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    I dunno, I cant even find a proper diaper for an adult on store shelves these days here, I guess the pullups do for light incontinence tho (slow dribble) I did try some Men's Depends underwear, they're gray, they seemed to hold about 20oz, but Lord help you if you flood.. didn't have too much issue with messing em tho

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    Oleman72 is right. WalGreens band diapers, although they are cloth-backed, are FAR better than depends underwear. I've never bought those and don't ever plan to. I once considered them. However, since I bought my own multi-layered cloth training pants for days I can't actually diaper up proper,,,I use those. So my advise would be to forgo the depend underwear and go for store brand diapers.

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    Our Rite Aid only sells the Tena pads. But, it's alright, my Attends arrived two days early so I only "wasted" two of my Abenas.

    I say waste, because during the day I almost always seem to poop before I've used the Abena to full capacity.

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    Theres lots of things that you can try to combat that xx

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    Hi I us the original Tena they show 5 or 6 dropletts, I can wet a couple of times with out leaking,,but if I take a female pad slit it down the centre of the tape u peel of the sticky side, take the tap off put inside my pullup I can wet 6 and more times and it bulges real nice too..Its like using a booster...good luck

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    Certainty, the wallgreens brand is better... I"ve tried the real fit from depends and they are not that good.

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