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Thread: DeoDexing Nexus 7 ROM. Can't find legit xultimate!

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    Default DeoDexing Nexus 7 ROM. Can't find legit xultimate!

    First off, I wanna state, I (relatively) have no idea what I'm doing. I haven't worked with Linux much (if at all) before, but I love getting in the nitty gritty workings of my tech and like to know I can do whatever I want with it. Anyway, bottom line is, I know what I'm doing has it's risks. With that said, the title pretty much says it all. I would like to get the app that reorganizes all .apk, .jar and odex files as oppose to overwriting them with a .zip that contains the files, but as long as it works and doesn't try to rape my computer in the process, then I'll be happy. I'll appreciate any help and if you have anything to add on the subject, not necessarily pertaining to my question, feel free to chime in.

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    Now I'm wondering, what exactly are you wanting to achieve out of doing this? It seems a strange thing to want to do with no real benefit and if anything slowing you down.

    If you are wanting play around with, and customize your Nexus 7, why not just unlock your bootloader and start trying custom ROMs until you find something you like, plus you get to speed up with the ability to overclock with certain kernels. And the well made custom ROMs almost always make it run better than stock for games. With my tablet I didn't really notice a game lag, until I put a custom ROM on and things loaded quicker, it ran smoother and seemed to respond a bit quicker to my touches.

    I don't personally have a Nexus 7 so can't comment exactly on that, but I have 36 Google devices attached to my account, and they all work in the same way and almost always are positively impacted by custom ROMs.

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    PaddedPuppy I've already sent him a reply to the PM he sent asking about this. The only reason I can see for doing it would be to rework the whole ROM. To the OP: If your just after playing with the themes stick to the SDK and APKTool till you get more confident in your ability, the last thing you want is to brick your device.

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    Thanks for the message answering my question dlweedo.

    I like my Nexus. It's helpful and can do cool things but honestly I don't like tablets that much. I'm not saying I don't care if it breaks, but it's funner and important to me to see how it works and be able to check it's inner workings. I can't live without my laptop on the other hand (I'm not messing with any of my Windows' OS files). If I brick my device, will it permanently damage it or could I factory reset it and reload my backupped(both internally and externally)apps and files?

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    That would depend on what actually happened, messing with system software is unpredictable. You could accidentally do damage to your hardware or put it in a permanent boot loop, neither of which are easy to remedy. Like I said my suggestion would be to stick to the android sdk till you're a little more confident. Build a couple apps even if its just cheesy stuff like Helloworld, so that you get an idea of how android works. You should also copy some apps off your device and decompress them, even if its just to study how they are supposed to look. Start slow and work your way up.

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