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    Default proper diaper fitment

    Hey guys im sure something like this has been posted before but i figured i'd ask anyways.

    So i usually buy medium depends fitted briefs and they always felt sort of big on me. so i got in a sample pack of small Tranquility ATNs and they felt like they fit pretty snug on me almost like they wanted to be too small. im not sure if it's cause theyre too small or im just used to wearing bigger fitting diapers. my waist is about 36-37 inches. what do y'all think?

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    I wear medium Tranquilities and I'm about a 32. I'd say go up a size.

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    I agree go up one size and see how they fit. I have always order a sample pack to save money. Diapers are made in different shapes and sizes.

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    They should always fit snug, but they should also always fit comfortably. That you even think they might be too tight I would say they probably are. I would go for next size up. Good luck!

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    I consider myself as "between sizes". i usually use the tena slip size M, but i also tried the small size. the small feels much more like a baby diaper on me (which is nice) but practically, the medium do its job much more for me (fitting and absorbing).

    i sometimes still use the S size for discreet reasons.
    eventually it's all about how you feel in them.

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