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    Angry legal advice

    hey guys
    so just after some advice really
    i am a self employed instructor, but i get contracted out to outdoor activity places to instruct on activitiy's we usually start at 07:30 and finish at 1900 in between those times all we get is a 30min break for lunch which sometimes we dont get. when i invoice the owner and put a due date for the invoice it still rarely gets met within the time i give them, i just want to know 1, is it against the law to work for so many hours without a break? 2, where i stand with money.

    hope someone can help

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    1. We're not lawyers and not really qualified to answer this question.
    2. What's legal depends on your jurisdiction. You didn't mention anything about where you live.
    3. There are some complicating factors here like that you're self-employed.

    You probably need to ask an actual lawyer, but you could probably perform some google-fu to get the basic gist of labor laws in your jurisdiction first.

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    Check your state labor board they can tell for free good luck.

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    First of all, best of luck with getting your customers pay you in time. Lately here delaying payments has become a national sport. I have customers which still need to pay me for work I've done more than 6 months ago. And you're lucky enough if your customers don't go bankrupt, happened to me once, had to go through legal procedures to assure I'm gonna get the money, although it'll take more than a year for that to happen. Delaying payments of course is not legal, European regulations establish 60 days as the latest possible payment time from the invoice date. Past that term, you can apply an interest on the amount of your invoice. But it's a ridiculously low one, so it's not really worth the effort.

    Working on your own - as I do - you can't blame your customers for asking you to work too many hours without a break. It's up to you to ensure the terms of the job you do with them suit you, and either accept them or not based on your own judgement. You're not an employee of theirs, and therefore they can't "force" you to do things you don't find reasonable. You can even work 24 hours a day with no breaks if it's fine by you, or decide a 4 hours work day is enough. Basically, you are your own boss, so you have to make complaints to yourself and answer them the way you find more suitable.

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    Very much depends on state/province/city where you live.

    Beyond that, independent contractors are not protected by most wage and hour laws.

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    As an independent contractor, you're not subject to the break/lunch rules that may apply to you if you were an actual employee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fruitkitty View Post
    1. We're not lawyers and not really qualified to answer this question.
    And anyone who is qualified to answer this question is probably not stupid enough to answer this question over the internet.

    I used to work for 1-800-SUICIDE taking calls. Ironically, this means that any time I see a potential suicide thread, I stay the fuck out of it aside from messaging mods. I imagine that any lawyers here are smart enough to stay out of threads like these.

    I'd recommend closing this thread. The only advice any of us should be giving is for OP to google the issue and call a lawyer. And both of those points have now been made multiple times.

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    As someonne who has "Contracted" it sounds like you need to get a firm contract. This may mean contacting a lawyer.
    In it should be clear what you will and will not do, how many hours, and for what fee. I also had to include a clause about payment and intrest for late payment.
    There may also come a time when you may need to take legal action.
    Get a firm Business plan and stick to it.
    Good luck

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    thanks for all the GOOD adivce guys for those who disagreed with my post im sorry for upsetting anyone
    but i just wanted some advice as to be frank i didnt want to be caught with my trousers down
    could a mod please lock this thread now


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