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    anyone tried the new johnsons powder, cucumber melon i think it is. very nice smelling and kind of a cooling sensation. id recommend it.

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    I never tried it and I don't then I am going to. I prefer the classic baby powder smell or try and get unscented powder.

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    ohh ive used this before had an ab friend use it on me it smells nice id use it again. I prefer thier lavendar kind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blake View Post
    ohh ive used this before had an ab friend use it on me it smells nice id use it again. I prefer thier lavendar kind.
    lavender smells so good! it reminds me of my old daddy, because it's all he'd ever use with me.

    I've never tried the cucumber melon kind. but I'll probably pick some up soon, because I'm all out. thanks for the heads up.

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    I like plain old classic baby powder smell, but cucumber melon sounds nice and fancy.

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    I use cornstarch work just good and don't worrie about my skine get red from the powder.

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    I know this is a bit extreme but i got a bunch of soapstone (talc) I am a welder so i just grab a bunch and grind it down. No smell what so ever and baby powder is usualy made up of corn starch or talcum powder aka talc aka soapstone HOORAY FOR WIKIPEDIA!!!!

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    I use cornstarch base powder with aloe...smells like baby powder is supposed to smell! I saw the others...but to me lavender smells like old ladies, NOT babies...and I think a cucumber-melon smell would be a bit too, I dunno, 'new age'!

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    :bunny: I think the original baby powder scent is what I usually go back to. I have found baby powdered scented candles and the latest Johnson's Baby Cologne. I have 6 bottles of the stuff. :bunny:

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