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    i think i have found a lady who says she can "nurse" adults! apparently there is a group of people who are in ANR, [adult nuresig relatiohships]. has any one come across this? i will keep you posted.

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    I haven't seen any women who have actually wanted to nurse a male. If you have, good luck and hope it's for real.

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    I have heard of ANRs but I always thought of them as exclusively between couples rather than random hook ups so this is an unusual case for me.

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    I have never heard of this. I Google it and there was a lot of sites. I saw this one ANR Dating - Adult Nursing Relationships. It looks like they use facebook with it. There are also several blogs out there too.

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    I have heard of it when I got an account on fetlife. There are a few groups dedicated to just that. Alot these women are just looking for someone to breastfeed, which I thought was just between couples also. Not that I am personally looking for that and all, but I hope that may help if you're looking a wet nurse

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    It sounds cool, although breastfeeding is for not only providing nourishment but also providing a relationship between the mother and child. So I feel this would be cool to have, but would rather have my wife do it for it would be intimate then.

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    just back from my first taste of breast milk in 55 years! it was really great not as milk as i thought, but as was pointed out to me what fills a real baby is more of a sip to an adult. my "wet nurse" wouldn't get involved in AB stuff,but did feed me for 2 hours. it was brilliant,and maybe i can wear a nappy next time.

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    I don't think I could bring myself to do this with a hitherto unexplored female, but to each his/her own! Glad it worked out! I did "nurse" from my wife a few times when she was producing milk, and it was certainly plenty of fun, though I didn't really attach any regression fantasies to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    a hitherto unexplored female..
    she's not a jungle

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    You have to be careful with that nursing stuff, breastmilk has natural laxative qualities, you might end up having uncontrollable baby poo.

    I have heard of ANR relationships before, but I dont know how common they are. Yes, there seems to be a general reluctance for woman to do this for grown men, I think mostly because of social programming. I have done this with a few partners, and they have always said it feels wonderful, intimate, and surprisingly sensual. I think if more woman knew how good it feels for the nurser, they would be more willing to try it.

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