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Thread: Eh Oh Babies.

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    Talking Eh Oh Babies.

    Hi, my name is Treacle or Miss Treacle if you prefer *wink*.

    I found myself browsing this forum a lot in order to get extra hints, tips and advice for a future adult baby service I'm hoping to start; so much so that I ran out of 'free view' time! Figured it would be polite to say hello to you all and not just hide in the shadows stalking the boards now that I have registered.

    Hello *waves*.

    Everyone seems so friendly and fun that I look forward to making new friends and meeting new babies.

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    Hello Miss Treacle !

    Welcome to the land of lovely babies, and what a wonderful idea of having your own adult baby service. Hope you don't mind me asking, but how far along are you? Actually, most everyone here would probably love to help answer any questions and share thoughts with you. Feel free to ask, and feel free to private message for more thoughts about living the life of an adult baby.


    Baby Lizzy

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    Hi Baby Lizzy,

    Thank you for the welcome.

    In a nutshell I am hoping to offer a discreet and confidential call out babysitting service in and around London. [Removed]

    Have a good day x
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