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Thread: Diaper Buying in Japan

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    Default Diaper Buying in Japan

    I have a long list of questions but im a DL stuck in Japan. I need diaper advice BAD.

    -Do they have 3 way fit pampers cruisers size 7? if so could someone link me to the japanese packaging?
    -Are there any good youth/adult diaper brands? ones with tapes not pull ups? if so what does the packaging look like and where might i find them?
    -Are the baby diapers here scented?
    -Is it difficult to find bags that aren't giant and economy size?

    If you can answer any of these questions, id be much obliged, im becoming desperate and frustrated. It's no fun keeping my secret stresses hidden from everyone.

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    unfortunately i cant answer any of your questions. but i can suggest you to tour around and look for diapers and answer your own questions.
    it should be nice, since no one knows you there.
    be kind and report us if you'll find something interesting.

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