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    Default Diaper brand history

    Does anyone know how long Tena has been around or Molicare or Abena?

    I know Molicare has been around early as 2001 and Tena has been around early as 2002. Abena, about that early too.

    Does anyone know how long Tena has been cloth like for?

    What about tranquility ATN, how long have those been around?

    Only brands I can think of that have been around early as the 1980's are Depends and Attends. No other adult diaper brands I know of.

    I know Wellness Briefs came out in 2008 and Bambinos in 2007.

    So what earliest diaper brands can you remember wearing in what year when you first started?

    I remember wearing Attends and Western family kind in 2003 and Goodnites and they were plain white. I also wore Assurance (Wal Mart brand) and I had Molicare and Abena from samples. I also tried Tranquality ATN and liked them. This was all in 2003. I also tried Depends refastenable underwear. They were new then. It may have been 2004 when I tried Molicare finally and Abena. I was still in high school then.

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    Kendall Wings has been around the early 90's and the First Quality briefs late 80's. First Quality is now called Prevail. The first diaper I had was First Quality full mat over night. It was an all white diaper with a blue strip in the middle on the inside. It had a yellow wetness indicator that turn dark blue when wet. The tape taps had blue x's on them. It had 4 tape tabs. They were my favorite until better diapers came along. The diaper was very loud. You can still get them here Devoted Medical - Adult Diapers, Diapers, Medical Supplies, Get Your First Bag Of Diapers Ordered Free! I don't know if they are still plastic back. However I do miss the old Attends with the blue tapes. Those were my favorite diapers. But now I have found new ones that are my favorite. The Dry 24/7 and Bambino diapers are great.

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    Before it was the Tena we know, it was called something else. I think it was pre 2000. Then they where branded Tena. They where all plactic diapers. Before the introduction of the stronger transparent landing zone for the tapes. I miss those.

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    as far babies' dispies go, i can't remember which was the first brand that i tried; but, i do know that Cosifits quickly became my favourite because of their stiffness and crinkliness.
    to be honest, the whole disposable nappy thing seemed and felt very strange, having only ever worn trads. i immediately likened dispies to wearing newspaper.
    and in those days, they weren't much better than newspaper, as far as absorbancy and durability go.

    the period inbetween babies' dispies being available and the adult all-in-ones appearing was spent trying all the variants on the theme of pants and pads (and wadding).

    my first inkling that larger [than baby sized] dispies were available came whilst watching a schools' programme, sometime in the mid-to-late 80s, about urban development and infrastructure and which had a focus on the sewer system and the need for it's upkeep. featured in the programme, was a mother who had an incontinent son who wore dispies supplied by the lcoal authority (she revealed it as a passing comment which was a bit of a shock, all things considered). thus began the hunt, in the dark days before the internet.

    my first access to adult dispies was in the shape of a bedmat-come-nappy (imagine a Drynites bedmat without the wings, but with a sticky tape either side at one end). next came the NHS supplied pads which were thicker than the retail versions (still got one, in a drawer ).

    sometime in the early 90s, branded, retail disposables began to appear.
    Depends really pushed the market open with their cheap 'n' nasty briefs and other brands quickly followed.
    during this period, many promotional leaflets were made available. here's a few that i've saved:
    Slipad were one of the first to which i had regular access. they were all-white, with a fairly rectangular pad, and probably the thickest available at the time. alas, it being early days for dispies, the glues used to construct them weren't very good and you often ended up with detached elastics (at best) or a seperation of the outer and inner linings (leading to bits of pad falling out); this affected all brands at the time.
    Attends used to be a bane to properly select a product (not helped by a limited availability). i remember that i was put off them early on by what-was-probably-my-own-error in selection.
    Vlesi-pants - probably the first of the new generation of adult pull-ups. they were quite rubbish and lacked SAP.

    and now, the modern era:

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    In the mid 80s I wore attends and curity adult diapers that were good.Kendall bought curity and the went down hill just like when P&G sold the company to paper-pak.

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    I remember the tena products as early as the late '90's. I think about '97. They did have a different name and it is escaping me. Back then attends made a good product and the tena's were about the best available. Everything was plastic on the outside. I was disappointed when tena switched to a soft outside and the newer attends 10 came out. They are not nearly as good as they used to be.

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    Actually, Curity was always a Kendall brand. The quality and innovation were killed off when Kendall was purchased by Tyco International, which phased out the Curity brand and went to selling strictly interior goods. Tyco International later went bankrupt, and remnants of that company were purchased by Covidien, which still handles the Wings brand.

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    Default Re: Diaper brand history

    Quote Originally Posted by tango79 View Post
    I remember the tena products as early as the late '90's. I think about '97. They did have a different name and it is escaping me. Back then attends made a good product and the tena's were about the best available. Everything was plastic on the outside. I was disappointed when tena switched to a soft outside and the newer attends 10 came out. They are not nearly as good as they used to be.
    Tena (USA) was formally Promise. They were one of the first cloth backed diapers for adults available. Around that time, the Tena line was pretty decent. They were available locally and were a lot thicker and more absorbent than they are now. Tena just keeps making their USA brand worse and worse for some reason. Ever since they stopped making them with the plastic landing zone, I quit buying them because the velcro tabs were horrible and they ripped the cloth like fabric after awhile wearing them. I wish they would rep lace the USA line with the European line. They are far superior.

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    Tena was definitely Promise back in the day. I think the best products they offered were the diapers with the taping panel and plastic backing. The only real Issue I had was with the cardboard-like smell they would emit when fresh out of the package. There was no masking scent added, so the fluff, cellulose, and glues would really manifest themselves.

    Shortly after the Promise name was changed to Tena by SCA Hygiene, they had a fairly decent adult pullup on the market. It was a near duplicate of a standard Japanese pullup diaper. Their absorbency was good, even though they had limited capacity. I stopped buying anything from Tena back in 2004 and stayed strictly with Abena when Tena added that rough material to their formerly soft lining. It was just too hard on my skin. I had recently tried one of the European Tenas, and they still have that same rough lining. So, the brand is no longer an option for me regardless. At least, it's good that the American side can now check them out, with their availability from Bambino.

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    I kind of miss the old Assurance brand diapers, they were cheap, comfortable, and could generally hold a bit, fairly comparable to the Attends with Waistband I wear now. Then they moved them to the terrible quality "cloth-like" version they are today. Absolutely terrible.

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