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Thread: Disposable Medical Express and Eurobriefs?

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    Question Disposable Medical Express and Eurobriefs?

    Does anyone know if Eurobriefs and samples packs bought through Disposable Medical Express ( come in discrete packaging? I did some research into some past threads. They said that you can get discrete shipping, which usually works, but some people report they then get mail from them. Does anyone know if they still (or ever) send extra mail?

    Also, some of the comments on the Eurobrief on DME say the quality has dropped and that they were cloth. Does anyone have any experience with EuroBriefs by MediPrime by

    Are they the same as quality and type (plastic backed, like the old Abena M4) as EuroBrief Overnight Adult Diapers , which have gotten pretty good reviews in other threads.
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