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    Default The Reward!

    An awesome animation which I hope you enjoy. I don't know if it was already posted but I find it a blast and give major props to those who worked on this project.

    Also, made as a graduation project :P

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    Wow. That's probably the best short animation I've ever seen! I love the style... And it conveys a really optimistic message about the trials of life too... Cheers for posting that -- it's cheered me right up.

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    A whole story, an epic journey, told in about eight minutes. This is definately one of the coolest short-animations Ive ever seen (and Ive seen many). Great style, great characters, great message. And everything without a single word. Nice.
    Seriously, stuff like that makes me wonder why were forced to watch all that crap on TV :p

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    \(^o^)/ Your welcome! It just took me forever to decide where to place it! XD But I thought it could cheer some people up and I loved it so why not share it?? :P

    Also, yes. I think the reason why its so good is because you can tell they put a lot of heart in it XD. I say we kidnap the Denmarkians and force them to make us cartoons for our enjoyment! Nah, XD I'm kidding but it is really awesome though. Glad you love it!

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