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Thread: Problem with Daddy changing me.

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    Unhappy Problem with Daddy changing me.

    I've been wearing nappies for about a year now and I when I started Daddy didn't know about it but all I wanted was for him to change me, but now he knows and likes that I wear them, he asks me if I want to be changed. Now this is the problem, I say no, which I can see he is abit upset about.

    I feel so embarrassed with him changing me, I'm scared that it will put him off me. We have such a trusting and personal relationship (D/S relationship) but I just can't bring myself to say yes because what if he's put off by the smell (wee wee only). I really want him to change me though!

    Has anyone else had this problem and how do you get over the initial embarrassment? Helpies!

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    Just know it will be awkward at first. But after that it's really a great experience! If you two really have a trusting relationship, you should both be open and honest with each other. Next time he asks if you want to be changed, go for it! Then talk about it afterwards. Express your feelings about it, and ask him how he felt about changing you.
    I know my daddy doesn't particularly like the smell of pee, but he still voluntarily changes me. At this point he's pretty used to it.
    Diaper changes can be a nice bonding experience for baby and caretaker. You know you're both comfortable when you can carry out a normal conversation while getting changed lol.

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    My wife is cool with changing me, but I'm always nervous about my...response. Cause most time I just want to be in diapers, not so much being sexual in them. Sigh. I have more hang ups than she does!

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    Why don't you just tell him how you feel? If you both get your feelings out in the open then you can work together to feeling less embarrassed in your side and he can let you know how he really feels in regarding to the idea of changing you. Until you both talk about it there won't be any change so just sit him down and tell him, you may feel embarrassed when telling him but that is totally fine.

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    You could just hydrate really well whenever you wear around him.
    It is a diaper after all. He should be aware of what goes on in it.

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    Personally I think if he is willing to offer you should accept. If he thought there would be a problem I think questions would be asked. I don't think anyone would offer if they weren't prepared for it. It may be embarrassing but you two have obviously dealt with such things before. Just be prepared to laugh about it together if things go wrong.

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    Don't push it-He will gain your trust when you are ready!

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    One of the things I've said in the past is that the key to sharing such an intimate experience is trusting the person involved. You mentioned that you have a very trusting relationship so it sounds like you're on the right path.

    Your post says that your partner has offered to change you and that you think he may be a little upset that you're reluctant. I'd imagine he knows that a used diaper will probably smell, but it sounds like he's happy to deal with that to share something special with you.

    A diaper change can be something very enjoyable and it seems that it's something you both want to do. I'd therefore suggest the best approach would be to talk with him. You can discuss what you both expect, what you are worried about and what will happen if either of you doesn't enjoy it.

    You might also want to consider 'testing the water' by changing yourself but with your partner in the room. That way he's not directly involved but will get a pretty good idea of what it could be like.

    Good luck

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