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Thread: Rumors are true about Abena ..

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    Unhappy Rumors are true about Abena ..


    Maybe you all know it, but id like to confirm it once again. Abena is discontinuing the production of plastic backed diapers. It turned out, when I have ordered the last 2 packs from I've asked them, if it's really true. Here's the answer.

    Thank you for the order, it will be shipped out on Monday.

    The rumor is true. Abena diapers are becoming cotton backed.

    There isn’t much difference but the material. Cotton feel = cooler to wear, less noise, softer backing. Thickness and absorbency are about the same.
    The outlook has a little bit difference but nothing major.

    If you are looking for thick plastic backed quality diapers, we recommend Formacare. Of course the new Comslip Plus diapers from Kolibri are on their way…

    Any experiences about Comslip or Formacare btw?

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    I've used formacare and they aren't bad IIRC. Nice soft blue plastic.

    Get a couple of loose ones from airoliver before committing, but worth giving them a go.

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    Thankfully that does not apply to the USA at least in the M-4 series, however I am using them less & less as Abena's quality has fallen considerably since dropping the X-Plus line.

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    so, the XL X-Plus are still going to be plastic backed?

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