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    As long as I can remember, I've had a slight urinary incontinence effect that only occurs right after I pee normally. It's not truly IC (I think) since it only lasts for minute or so. I think it's basically the urine that makes it past the sphincter muscle into the urethra but not all the way out yet (I'm male) (anatomy is also not my forte). Ive nicknamed it the "end of the pipe" syndrome. It's also not just a matter of letting it drip longer into the toilet; I can stand there for a while and I'll still get more when I pull my underwear back up.

    I know you're not doctors, but I just wanted to know if anybody else has had this problem and what the theoretical causes are. It's never been bad enough to "need" diapers, although I do admit I'm a DL.

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    If you drip "seriously" after you've peed - it can have SEVERAL different reasons behind it... if it bothers you (and it should) - I'd highly recommend an appointment with a Urologist.

    This can be anything .... and no one over the web will be able to give you a conclusive answer to your own problem.

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    EP01 is correct but it sounds like Post-Void Drip/Dribble, which is fairly common. Technically it could be considered incontinence but it is so common that it inspired the old rhyme, "No matter how much you juggle and dance, the last few drops end up in your pants." Depending on how much it is, then visit your doctor and discuss it with him/her.

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    I've had some of those dribbles and drops for years. Now I wear 24/7 so don't have to "shake the dew off the lilly".

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    I have been a bed wetter for a while and I have wear diapers for my overnights. Sometimes a couple of drops or a small puddle. I don't feel it or I don't know that I am wetting the bed at night. During the day I have control and no problems. But I found out I do have IC from a doctor.

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    My Gramps (89 at the time) had that problem and the doc insisted he had his prostrate checked...

    However, he was 89, so that could have been why...

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    Well, I'm only 26, but I have had physicals before. I've had colonoscopies, but no prostate checks.

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    Might be worth a mention... especially as I don't think prostrate problems are actually age related... but, I could be wrong, I often am... I am female after all!

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    after-dribble. it affects a lot men and the cure is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. it's the same cure as used for bedwetting (and works in most cases) whereby you practise the stop-start method of urinating, every time you do so (simply stop the flow in mid-process, and then begin it again). it's all just a matter of stregnthening and co-ordinating the muscles.
    beneficial effects should noticeable within days. if not, or if you experience any aches of pains, see the doc.

    in the meantime, squeezing out the last drops may help. to do this, you can apply pressure with your hand to the perineum or close your legs together tightly (often a subtle wiggle of the hips whilst tightened helps, too).
    this can sometimes be uncomfortable, though, and aggravate any underlying conditions. best to just strengthen the muscles and then maintain them in good condition with regular exercise.

    note that your after-dribbling may be symptomatic of an overall lack of good physical condition (without seeing, i can't know for sure). so, if you're overweight or just largely sedentary, a bit more physical activity may be beneficial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDCH View Post
    but it is so common that it inspired the old rhyme, "No matter how much you juggle and dance, the last few drops end up in your pants.".
    lol havent heard that one in awhile.

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