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Thread: Bellissimos... Did I do something wrong?

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    Default Bellissimos... Did I do something wrong?

    I just wet my first Bambino Bellissimo and I was surprised to discover that it leaked.... . I was sitting on the edge of the bath tub at the time, and tried not to flood it, but when I finished peeing and stood up, I noticed that it leaked out the bottom sides. Did I not release slow enough, poor fit maybe, bad batch of diapers.... Anyone else have this problem?

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    Make sure you fasten all 4 tapes correctly. Because I do notice when it comes to multi tape diapers you have to make sure the bottom tapes go on correctly. Or else you are just asking to have a leak.

    For me the only time I have noticed a Bellissimo leak is from one of three things. Me screwing up placement of the bottom tapes or accidentally overfilling or flooding when it is already near max capacity.

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    how to put on a adult diaper

    I never leaked out of any top branded adult diaper using this sort of method. And even then I only leaked once or twice and not that much or of stupid crap like attends style 10 and assurance.

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    I never had a leak with Bellissimos diapers. I have used them for a overnite diaper too and still no leaks. I have unfolded the diaper completely before I put it on.

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    Maybe sitting on the edge of a hard surface caused you diaper to scrunch up, happened to me before!

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    I've had to say this a lot. With adult diapers, that lower tape is there for a reason, and it's NOT to keep the diaper up on your hip or close to your tummy. It's there to seal around your leg. Pull the leg cuff / leak guard of the diaper up firmly into your crotch and hold tight while bringing the lower tape over, around, AND DOWN from the back. Try to tape as far down into the crotch as you can comfortably pull it. Aim for right beside the elastic for the leg gathers. (tape on the inside or outside of the elastic, not right ON it)

    The goal is to get the tape to "link up" with the elastic that keeps the crotch of your diaper snug, and put a little tension on that elastic. When you sit, your pelvis changes geometry and the crotch of the diaper loosens up a little. So if it wasn't tight when you were standing or laying down, it WILL be gapping badly when you sit. That's why people leak when they sit.

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