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Thread: whats your diaper music other than lullabies

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    Default whats your diaper music other than lullabies

    Well anyone else like to listen to good rock like the who or some alic in chains. Or heavy metal like the Browning or bullet for my valentine.

    What's your diapered tunage

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    I usually listen to Bullet or FATA, here lately though I've had either Blessthefall or Staind on constant repeat.

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    I typically listen to the same music diapered as I do underwear'd.
    Animals as Leaders, Scale the Summit, The Contortionist. Mostly extended range progressive music.

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    When it comes to cub time, I prefer upbeat and happy music, maybe some smooth jazz, or some instrumental music X3

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    I'm not a smooth jazz fan, but classic jazz can be awesome. I recently saw Jim Jones do an amazing performance with the New Orleans Preservation Hall jazz band on ACL.

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