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    I've always worn nappies but it was a form of comfort (violent child hood) until 14-15 yrs ago. I was at home (first time net conection)and I typed the word nappies into the Browser,new i wasent alone.I've pretty much kept my Like for nappies a Secret untill to this day. Although ive had meny times ive needed them due to accidents ect.(had a lot). I'm just an average guy . I'd just like to chat.I like getting to know people online first and it makes everybody more comfortable in the end.

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    Hi InNappies32 how are you? I am BabyBilly,I've been in nappies and plastic pants for most of my life. Some years ago I decided that I might as well enjoy wearing diapers as I only had a choice between diapers and cathaters. Cataters can cause cancer so that left wearing diapers. I now love wearing diapers and plastic pants. I prefer wearing cloth as they have a more of a babyish feeling to them along with the wetness that I desire. I have many onassies,shortalls,overalls,baby shirts,footed Pjs,bottles and pacis. I would love to have a large crib and playpen. But no room. But I may eventually get a large crib. That would be sooo great,and a lot of funs. Anyway I would love to talk to you if you would like.

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    Hi innappies32, welcome to the forum. Ive only been wearing diapers a few weeks but ive thought about it and wanted to my whole life. Do you wear 24/7 or mainly at home/nights? It ha been really nice meeting other people on here too that like diapers. And great to know we arent alone in how we think.

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