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Thread: Difference between plastic/cotton backed Abena

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    Question Difference between plastic/cotton backed Abena

    Hello guys,

    As you might have heard, abena has discontinued the production of the plastic backed diapers, and now the cotton backed will be on the market. Has anyone tried/experienced the new type? What are the differences between them besides the "material" (loudness,thickness,etc?).


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    I found the cloth backed product hopeless, leaks, tabs definitely do not stay on. From arguably the best to now having all the worst things would could get now in a diaper/nappy.

    I won't use them again.

    Oh and to answer your question, sure they are quiet and to me they appeared to be the same thickness.

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    I prefer plastic-backed ones as they don't leak everywhere, the tabs stay on and they aren't irritating. Paper/cotton/sandpaper ones rub everywhere and are irritating to skin unless perfectly applied with the aid of a scanning electron microscope

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    The plastic-backed diapers work well -- pretty much the best (that used to be) on the market.

    The fake-cloth ones feel more discreet and feel genuinely more like cloth and more breathable... but... The tapes don't stick properly, the diaper sags (even if unused) and requires something to keep it in place, the outside of the diaper gets clammy, odours are not contained, and they are more expensive.

    If I felt self-conscious wearing a diaper and wanted something physically comfortable and discreet above all else, then they're not too bad at all. However, if I was worried about odour or leaks then the plastic-backed version wins hands-down.

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    I will never use cloth backed diapers tears apart on me. I will use plastic backed diapers instead.

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    My girlfriend and I tried the cloth-backed M4s last night and were not impressed. They get loose pretty quickly and we ended up re-taping each other a lot. Fortunately, we got some plastic-backed M4s in the mail today from NorthShore -- so tonight should be better.

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    Yeah, they've lost my business, I hate the cloth backed, even the halfway decent AIO cloth is better, I've moved on to dry 24/7's and Aeroliver onsies (even though I have to import em)
    I guess they don't want my business anymore, oh well

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