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Thread: Problem going in car and accident

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    Default Problem going in car and accident

    So, I have a really hard time going while sitting. I can go if I'm laying down or standing up, but not sitting. This makes it hard to go in the car, so if I'm wearing in the car and I need to go, I invent a reason to pull over and stand for a couple minutes. Anyone else have this problem?

    On a related note, recently I was in class (university) and id been drinking two energy drinks (yes, i know theyre bad). I put one on in the bathroom before my drive home after class because it's over an hour away in good traffic and it was rush hour (so double the time). Anyway, long story short, by the time I finally pulled over to go, I misjudged how badly I had to go, and flooded my diaper so badly it leaked all down my pants and I had to sit in that till I got home (I didn't have a change of pants on me). I saved my car seat because I had a towel in the car.

    By the way, despite my username, it wasn't a molicare (I wish it was, that would have held). It was a TENA classic (plastic backed).

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    That's a common concern. Answers usually boil down to "give it time". Leaking when you have managed it hurts your confidence, you need to make sure you're not leaking if you want to improve your self control.

    Sitting is the most risky position for leaking in a diaper, your pelvis changes shape when you sit. Tight diaper leg cuffs loosen. Loose diaper leg cuffs gap. If you're going to flood sitting down, you'd better be wearing a thick diaper, or have it VERY tightly taped, or you're going to leak.

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    sitting more on one side should help with starting a relaxed flow, as will pushing up using your footrest (if your car has one) as this will lessen the pressure on your 'undercarriage'.
    still, it's not easy because of the nature of the seated position and driving activity and concentration.

    just another case of practice makes perfect.
    forcing too hard is likely to result in you straining your bladder (it's a muscle that can be 'pulled') and/or the outletting plumbing. neither will make you inco, if the thought's just occurred to you, but they will hurt.

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    I've actually never understood the problems people have with letting go. I've always been able to let go wherever I wanted.

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    You're not alone. go while sitting is not an easy thing, even after driving many times in a diaper, most times i can't go...
    yesterday i had the same problem while driving. what usually i do is "standing" while driving, using my left leg against the footrest.

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    i never had that problem and i offen drive 6-8 hours non stop and i got use to doing stuff at the wheelover time i guss

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    I am sorry to hear about that, but I never had any problems of letting go. I have to wear diapers for my bed wetting problem.

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    Default Problem going in car and accident

    I have problems wetting while driving one of my vehicles or my tractors and while lying down, but I don't have problems while sitting in a chair or on the couch.

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    It's harder sitting in a car because the seat elevate the legs a little, wich put the bladder slightly bellow the "water line". That mean you have to push hard to let urine flow out. If your diaper is on tight, it's nearly impossible. It become like a kinked hose.

    When I'm having trouble peeing sitting in my car, I just push myself up on the seat a little. That way I pee normally without straining.

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